November College Thoughts

October is over and we are officially in the second to last month of the year - here's how we feel about it.

1. Where did October Go?!

It seems like just yesterday we were hanging fake cobwebs and spooky stickers in our dorm window. October came and went just as fast as my motivation to have perfect attendance did (sorry, Mom).

2. That would have been a great Halloween Costume

Ah, yes. Could've, should've, would've. We're so use to seeing the same costumes over and over again, but we're culprits of the same crime. It seems we always think of the best, funniest, wittiest Halloween costumes AFTER the Holiday has passed. Fingers crossed we remember them BEFORE next Halloween (but let's be honest, we probably won't).

3. Where do I vote, again?

With midterms right around the corner (midterm elections, that is), and with the vast majority of us being of legal voting age, we're all looking forward to helping to decide who our country's next legislators will be. There's just one problem: we have no clue where we're supposed to vote.

Thankfully, many of our universities have resources that tell us exactly where our polling places are (if you're a college student reading this who has yet to do so, please - for the love of God - register to vote).

4. I totally have time to bring my grades up

The semester JUST started less than two months ago - we have PLENTY of time to fix those less-than-perfect grades into ones we're proud to show out parents!

5. I am NOT taking morning or Friday classes next semester

Nope. Nope! Absolutely not. I will not sacrifice my sleep for an education. The same classes are offered at later times, I can just enroll in those instead. Snooze City, here I come!


Thanksgiving has arrived and were oh-so-thankful for the real, not crappy-dining-hall food that we are absolutely going to devour, come turkey day. Not to mention, we get to see our families and friends, AND stock up on cold weather (cringe) gear that we will be needing for the months to come.

7. Oh right, that New Years Resolution...

With two months left in the year, chances are you've given up on your resolution(s). If you haven't, all power to you! However, if you're like me, you're seeing this "failed" resolution as more of an "extended deadline." By this time next year, we will have surely fulfilled whatever the resolution was, right?

8. Holiday Season???

The holidays are... next month? Should we start buying gifts? How do we buy gifts when we're broke? How the heck is December here? Speaking of...

9. Wait, WHAT?!

stress Seeker via YouTube

DECEMBER?! So we have ONE MONTH to fix those non optimal grades AND schedule next semesters classes AND study for finals?!

10. You know what, I take it back.


My schedule didn't work out the way I wanted, so I have morning classes. I don't have time to fix all my grades, but C's get degrees. I'm terrified for finals, but where there's a will there's a way, right? At least I can eat my feelings in turkey and pie. Whatever, better luck next semester!

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