I love Christmas just as much as the next person. Presents and Santa Claus are still things I very much look forward to about the holidays.

But when I walk into a grocery store a week after Halloween and see stocking stuffers lining the aisles, I get annoyed. Call me anti-Christmas or Mr. Scrooge, but November is too early to start celebrating Christmas.

The most annoying thing about celebrating Christmas too early is Christmas music. Listening to my roommate play “All I Want For Christmas Is You” on repeat at all hours of the day is exhausting. When I go to the mall and hear Christmas music playing over the loudspeaker, it makes me want to leave the store and not buy anything.

Christmas in November stresses me out. I think of all the gifts I still have to purchase. The looming thought of the semester ending and finals approaching is enough to make me panicked.

The Starbucks red cups should not be sold until after Thanksgiving. Just the thought of Starbucks discontinuing the pumpkin spice latte is depressing enough.

Before I celebrate Christmas, I need my turkey first. For all the Christmas lovers of the world, please wait until after Thanksgiving to begin your festive celebrating.