November is a Hype Month for December
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November is a Hype Month for December

It should be renamed pre-December.

November is a Hype Month for December

Now that October is over it's time to move on to November (aka pre-December). November is the gateway drug to the Christmas season. It is essentially a hype month for the most magical holiday of the year but for some reason society has an issue with people celebrating holidays before they arrive. Who cares if I’m excited to celebrate the season of giving a whole month before Christmas? Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve been longing for the holidays since July, but I guess I’m just passionate like that.

Here are few things you can be doing to get yourself in the holiday mood.

1. Change your Pandora station to the Mariah Carey (Holiday) station. This is the only acceptable time to listen to Mariah Carey so take advantage of it, but don’t get too carried away.

2. Burn fall themed candles around the house. The scent of fall will have you craving the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

3. Treat yourself to a basic pumpkin treat at a coffee shop of your choice. If your nose gets to experience the nostalgia of the holiday season so should your tongue.

4. Go ice-skating with your significant other, your posse, or even by yourself because you’re an independent women (sorry for assuming your gender).

5. Make homemade hot chocolate. It’s easier than you may think and if you don’t want to look up a recipe here is my top secret two-step recipe. It never fails to satisfy.

Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe:

Heat one cup of milk on medium heat on the stove.

Mix in half a cup of Nutella into the hot milk until it is fully dissolved.

At this point, you will probably realize you have no self-control and will add in another spoon of Nutella. That is okay and highly recommended.

6. Light your fireplace, or alternatively stand in front of your stove. Same effect.

7. Bake an apple pie. I don’t have a recipe for one but I’m sure Martha Stewart does.

8. Make a list of holiday movies and watch them back to back until December 25th.

9. Go to Starbucks for a festive drink and then complain on twitter that the cup is not Christmas-y enough. Festive!

10. Hang up enough Christmas lights to blind your neighbors and be visible from space.

Happy Pre-December!

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