15 New Novels You Should Stuff Into Your Summer Beach Bag, No Matter Who You Are
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15 New Novels You Should Stuff Into Your Summer Beach Bag, No Matter Who You Are

You'll definitely see these novels in the hands of vacationers this summer.

15 New Novels You Should Stuff Into Your Summer Beach Bag, No Matter Who You Are

Every year there seems to be a group of books that everyone dubs as "summer reads."

These novels seem to be what every reader is talking about and waiting for and will certainly end up in the beach bags of many beach-goers and pool-loungers. And judging by the names on some of these novels, their success might even extend past Labor Day.

1. "The Outsider" by Stephen King

Whenever avid reader hears the name Stephen King, his or her ears are bound to perk up.

This novel from the King of horror comes out in late May, and it will without a doubt be on everyone's summer reading lists. It delves into the mystery of a young boy's murder, and an intriguing plot begins to unravel as the town's beloved baseball coach is accused.

2. "Believe Me" by J.P. Delaney

J.P. Delaney shocked readers in early 2017 with his or her (no one truly knows the identity of the writer) bestselling debut titled "The Girl Before." Like its predecessor, this psychological thriller promises not to disappoint.

Out in late July, it follows a struggling actress, Claire, who is hired by a firm of divorce lawyers to catch unfaithful husbands in the act. But this ploy goes horribly wrong when a wife of one of these men is murdered, and the firm wants Claire to get the suspected husband to confess.

3. "The Other Woman" by Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva is a household name when it comes to spy thrillers. Out in July, this highly-anticipated thriller continues the saga of Silva's most famous character, Gabriel Allon.

Like his previous bestselling novels, this volume is sure to be full of espionage, deceit and seduction. But will it top Silva's most beloved "House of Spies?"

4. "The President Is Missing: A Novel" by James Patterson and Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton and renowned author James Patterson unite in this new mystery thriller that is sure to be THE must-read novel of the summer.

Set over the course of three days, this dramatic story of lies and deceit culminates with the President's disappearance. What follows is pure chaos, suspicion and betrayal. This novel is out June 4.

5. "The Last Time I Lied" by Riley Sager

I read Riley Sager's debut horror novel "Final Girls" last year, and let me tell you: it was a wild ride. So naturally, I'm counting down the days until this novel's July 10 release date.

"The Last Time I Lied," tells the story of Emma Davis who is living with the traumatic memory of her camp friends' disappearance after playing a game of Two Truths and a Lie. Now a successful artist, she is hired at the camp where her friends vanished all those years ago. But Camp Nightingale is not how she remembered it to be.

6. "Shelter in Place" by Nora Roberts

Bestselling author Nora Roberts is known for her novels on very serious subjects. This novel, out on May 29, follows the aftermath of a shooting in a Portland, Maine shopping center and the people whose lives were changed forever as a result.Sure to be a gripping and thought-provoking read, you'll probably see this novel in the hands of many vacationers this summer.

7. "Less: A Novel" by Andrew Sean Greer

Although this novel came out in 2017 it is a newly-named Pulitzer Prize Winner for the fiction category and is sure to gain traction this coming summer.

A contemporary humor with elements of romance and adventure perfect for summer, this book tells the story of Arthur Less who is on a quest to turn his life around at the age of 50 when he decides to attend literary events scattered around the world.

8. "Invitation to a Bonfire" by Adrienne Celt

Finally, a historical fiction is set to be an exciting summer release (were you getting sick of only seeing thrillers on this list, too?).

This June novel follows Russian refugee Zoya Andropova who attends a New Jersey boarding school amidst a 1920s backdrop. Among her struggle to be accepted by her peers and to grieve the life and family she's lost, she meets writer Leo Orlov and their stories begin to melt into a messy and mysterious tale of love.

9. "A Higher Loyalty" by James Comey

This book has already taken the nation by storm (it has almost 2,000 holds at my local library and counting).

Comey's tantalizing and personal account of his time as FBI Director is already a bestseller and will probably be seen under many people's beach umbrellas this summer.

10. "The Incendiaries" by R.O. Kwon

This dark, powerful novel is sure to astound readers upon its release in late July. It tells the story of a young Korean American woman who finds herself drawn to an extremist cult with ties to North Korea and the man who falls in love with her who is dealing with fundamentalist issues of his own.

This novel promises to be a fractured story of love, loss and hopelessness. Although it might not be everyone's cup of tea, I can see it becoming one of the summer's must-reads.

11. "The Favorite Sister" by Jessica Knoll

This psychological thriller follows a group of women who join the cast of an NYC reality show called "Goal Diggers." Things take a turn when the show's season ends in scandal and murder.

Out May 15, this drama-filled novel will undoubtedly make an appearance in the hands of many summer travelers.

12. "Rich People Problems" by Kevin Kwan

This third installment in the widely-read-and-loved "Crazy Rich Asians" series comes out at the end of May. It follows the Shang-Young family as they clamor to collect the fortune of their dying matriarch, Su-Yi.

The epitome of "chick-lit," this clever and funny series is the perfect light-hearted summer novel to read by the pool or on the beach.

13. "The Woman in the Window" by A.J. Finn

Although this gripping thriller came out earlier this year, it hasn't lost any momentum.

A.J. Finn's debut follows a lonely woman named Anna Fox who is unable to leave her lavish NYC home due to an intense case of agoraphobia. One night, Anna witnesses an unspeakable crime through her window and tries to solve the mystery behind it with the little resources she has.

This novel is full of twists and turns and makes a fabulous beach read.

14. "The Death of Mrs. Westaway" by Ruth Ware

This highly anticipated thriller from Ruth Ware follows Hal, a tarot card reader who receives a mysterious letter bequeathing an enormous fortune. Although it was clearly sent to the wrong person, Hal jumps on this opportunity to collect the money, but the situation grows very mysterious and peculiar.

Since "In a Dark Dark Wood" and "The Woman in Cabin 10" were huge summer hits, this next novel of Ruth Ware's will most likely follow in their footsteps.

15. "Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine" by Gail Honeyman

This quirky and strange novel is about a socially-inept woman named Eleanor Oliphant and has taken book clubs across the country by storm. Eleanor meets extroverted Raymond and her life is turned upside down through a series of events that leave her vulnerable, something she is very unaccustomed to.

Since this is set to be a movie within the next year (starring the marvelous Reese Witherspoon), this novel is bound to gain popularity over the summer months.

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