I usually don't complain about famous people, but this is just one time when I can't keep my mouth shut. I have been watching Whitney Way Thore on TLC's My Big Fat Fabulous Life since the first day it aired. I remember seeing her video of her hip hopping that went viral. At first, I was really connected to Whitney and proud of her. I, myself, have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome too. I also have a strong passion for dance and have never let my weight get in the way of that. I have felt the same struggles that she has with people judging her, or feeling inadequate because of my weight. I also connected with Whitney when I saw the type of the relationship her and her mom have. My mother and I are extremely close. Whitney's personality also seemed to resemble mine. However, the more I watched the show, the more I noticed something.

Whitney uses her PCOS and weight as an excuse for everything. She can't lose weight because of PCOS. She just gains weight because of PCOS. While it is true it is hard to lose weight with PCOS, it is possible. When women with PCOS are dieting and have a cheat day, it is equivalent to someone without PCOS having three. This makes losing weight extremely hard and disheartening. I can't tell you how many times I have worked out for days upon days and ate healthy and still not lost any weight, or even gain weight. But that's where Whitney and I are different.

You see, I watch what I eat. I exercise often. She might exercise by dancing, but that means nothing if you are going to continue to eat whatever you want. PCOS is not a free pass to just be overweight. It drives me absolutely insane when she blames her weight problems on PCOS. I have it to. The fact that she allowed herself to gain 100 lbs. her freshman year of college is ridiculous. I am appalled that I gain 7 lbs.

I could just say screw it and eat whatever I want too, but I don't. Instead, I meal prep. I make time to go to the gym and push myself. I eat a salad at least once a day. I count calories. I make an effort. Am I perfect? God, no. Do I slip up? Abso-freaking-lutely. But do I let that be my life style? No. Am I happy with where I am at? Not at all. But I am trying.

The human body isn't meant to carry around an excessive amount of weight. Inside of me is a girl that wants a healthy BMI, and I won't stop until I get her out. Now, I am glad Whitney spreads body positivity, really, I am. But you have to be healthy too. You can tell me you are healthy all you want. Sure, you don't have diabetes. Sure you don't have any co-morbidities....yet. I don't either. I like to refer to myself as the fittest fat person you will ever meet. But really Whitney, there is nothing fabulous about being overweight. Not being able to have full range of your own body is frustrating. Shopping in the plus size section is extremely annoying. Having people make rude remarks to you hurts. You can't deny me any of that. So, please, do me and yourself a favor and quit hiding behind the PCOS.