I thought I would share my lecture notes from my political science course. My professor talks VERY fast and flashes through slide shows like it's her job.

Her presentations also have VERY light wording.

The key to good lecture notes is not writing what is on the board. Take notes on what your professor says.

To help with quick annotating, abbreviate longer words!

It's almost habit for us to see something on the board and think it important enough to write down, but this is WRONG. You can always have the professor post/email the presentations for review on your own time, but you can never get back the important facts your teacher SAYS!!!

My professor ALWAYS talks about stuff that later shows up on her exams!! So it's my job to forget what's on the board and focus on her words. It has helped me maintain an A average in her class (her grading scale is 95-100=A).

Here are my notes. They look scrambled and my handwriting isn't neat, but these are my holy grail for the tests. I keep all my notes in one bullet journal.

It also helps to review your teacher's syllabus and schedule relevant readings BEFORE class so you have an idea what will be discussed and can therefore ask the IMPORTANT questions in class. It helps you look informed, too. ;)

Sarah Fetter

Sarah Fetter

Sometimes it helps to make quick mind maps to link ideas and info together. It helps to visualize, too, for tests! Sarah Fetter