Unsure of whether or not I should point blame towards mass media portrayals or the enlightened and heightened social media frenzy. Either way, there is always this underlying assumption that college spring break is a time meant for wild partying, exciting trips and beaches! Yes, this does seem fairly stereotypical but -- there are a vast amount of people who don't get to indulge in such luxuries and instead stay back in what I like to call the ghost college town.

To the people who've decided to stay back this spring break, I'm here for you.

I know, I know -- certainly, it sucks to suck. But, you'll be pleased to hear that you aren't in this alone. I too am stuck in the ghost town of college during the joys of spring break. By choice of course, still yet -- there has to be a way to find fulfillment in the emptiness right? well, of course, there is... there's a number of things people do when choosing to go nowhere for the break.

Most people I've spoken too use this time as a time to earn a little extra cash by picking up more hours at work, De-stress and just spend a little quality time focusing on self-care.

Take me for an example: I had an exciting beach trip planned but I instead decided to take off of work and use this time to catch up on school work, apply for internships, catch up on missed television shows and did I mention catch up on sleep?

Sleep has been the most wonderful part for me yet. I can't describe to you how amazing it feels to wake up without the sound of an alarm for class or dreading the forthcoming annoyances of work. It literally has felt amazing.

Of course, I would have much rather the tranquility behind soaking up beach sun but if anything this week has taught me that sometimes you don't have to actually get away to "get away". Use this as a time to recover, replenish and renew yourselves as best possible.