We have all had those moments where we really just can't seem to entertain ourselves so we start thinking about life-altering decisions like changing your major or moving states. Those are harmless because we all know we will never go through with those, but how about the none life-changing decisions. Things we get the urge to do when your friends, sisters, mom, SO just won't give you attention.

Here are 10 things we have all thought about doing when this happens but we know we really shouldn't until we have a clear head again.

1. Cut Your Hair


Listen up! Well all have been here and we know how it ends up. You aren't going to go to a salon, you are going to try to do it yourself. There will be uneven chunks, stringy layers and tears. Just don't do it.

2. Pierce Something

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Don't do it. Just don't. Infection, placement, hatred, people starring, your mother stops calling; all these things can happen when you decide to randomly pierce something. Yes, thins includes your tongue, eyebrow, nipples and other female/male body parts.

3. Go To The Needle

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The feel of the tattoo gun is addictive and some what seductive. But listen to me, when you are bored you will jump in to something. This tattoo is permanent, expensive and oh yeah permanent do NOT go get one just because you are bored. take it from a girl who has several, it's just not worth it.

4. Dye your Hair

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Look, I know this is the easiest thing to change when you are bored and in a slump. I know, I have been there. I have been purple, blue, red, firetruck red, I've cut it off, I've highlighted it. I've damaged the hell out of it. Do not do anything rash. It may not turn out, you may hate what you did, and sometimes it can be expensive to do, especially if you have to fix it.

5. Go Shopping

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I'm with you. I like spoiling myself with new things. But if you are bored and go shopping, the buyers remorse will set in and you will be broke.

6. Text The Ex


Ladies, he is an ex for a reason. enough said.

7. Buy A Pet


Listen, just because you are bored does not mean you are responsible enough to handle an animal. Slow your roll.

8. Hit Tinder


Just delete the app. Don't swipe left or right just don't swipe. Get off the app and don't make any dumb decisions.

Eat some popcorn, drink some liquor, and binge watch Netflix. But for the love of God, if you are bored do NOT do these things.