This is for those of you who struggle with finding out just who you are. The key is to let no one other than yourself define what or who you will become.

When I have fun, I cry tears of joy. When I fall down (literally because I'm super clumsy) and get hurt, I cry. When my feelings are hurt, I cry. I'm a crier and I'm totally okay with that “label.” I'm not sorry that I care too much. It’s okay to take things personally and to be sensitive to the words that some people throw at you. Instead of seeing being “too much” of something as a negative, see it as the good in life that creates the unique you that you are.

There will always be a label forced upon you. You might be too much of something or not enough of another. While some are too outgoing and bright, others are too shy and quiet. But you will never be too much of any of those, just enough to make you who you are.

I'm not too sensitive or too outgoing. I'm not too loud or too smart. All of these things have created the personality that is perfect for me. I love talking, and the second I meet anyone, I know we’ll be friends within minutes of starting to chat. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about all that you do, and you’re allowed to have feelings and show them when you want.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are too sensitive. There is no such thing. You are you, and your feelings and the emotions you express are yours alone. When your feelings are hurt, you show your emotions through your words and facial expressions. There is no hiding behind a false façade. That is fine. You’re honest about how those around you have the power to hurt and uplift you. Some might say that means you’re too impressionable. In reality, it means you’re true to yourself and honest about how one’s words and actions affect you.

I’ve always thought of myself as too caring. I always seem to put the needs and feelings of others before myself. At some point, I thought this a weakness, as did others. In reality, it has helped me not only choose a career that will allow me to care for others, but has also brought about a friend group that I love with all my heart. Being caring and concerned for others will always be a strength, not a weakness.

You don’t need to be sorry for crying when a friend hurts your feelings and ignores you for the weeks following. You don’t need to be sorry for constantly texting your mom because talking to her makes you feel safe and loved. You don’t need to be sorry for loving the guy that didn’t love you back the way you deserve to be. You don’t need to say sorry to anyone for being you! You’re genuine and if someone is not understanding and forgoing about the fact that you need a little more of a friend’s time and attention, or that you send way too many texts to your mom a month just asking about your cats, then they don’t deserve to be a part of your life.

You don’t have to be sorry for giving a damn and living the life the way you want. Stop living to please others and to fit into the label they have given you. Choose to create your own happiness, and the ones that care to be a part of your life will be right alongside you making memories that will last a lifetime.