I Rushed Everything But A Sorority

I remember having lunch with one of my friends freshman year and she asked me if I was rushing in the spring. I said no and she was surprised. She came to college and expected to rush and meet her sisters for life. I came to college and just didn't really get the hype.

I watched a bunch of my friends rush. I watch a lot of my friends now who love their chapters and their sisters and I can still sit here and say I have no regrets about not being in Greek life. I just knew early on I wasn't interested. Instead of doing something that I knew wasn't for me I did everything that was.

I spend my time being in student organizations, helping a wrestling team, working, shadowing, and doing everything else I love. I can't think of one thing I've regretted joining since I started school.

Maybe I won't have that special sisterhood that lasts a lifetime - but honesty, I never really saw that as a problem. I came to school and met people who I know will be there for me long after graduation. Everything I could've gotten from being in a sorority I've gotten from somewhere else.

I've done things where I found my friends, connections, leadership and volunteer opportunities, and sense of purpose in college. When I was a freshman I didn't feel like I needed a sorority to get those things and I ended up proving myself right. There are girls who are happy in their sororities and I'm just happy somewhere else.

College is what you make of it. If you want to rush you have every right to, but if deep down you're not feeling Greek life you're definitely not alone.

You will find your place and you will find your people. Some people rush Greek life and some people just rush everything else.

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