Not Polite To Shine The Light On You In People's Happiness

It's Not Polite To Shine The Light On You In Other People's Happiness

I'm tired of it. I'm not afraid to speak the truth.


Attention-seekers. They are everywhere. On Facebook or Instagram, using silly hashtags to get an extra like or two in order to feel "cool" or something like that. In person, at different conventions or special occasions. They could be complete strangers or someone you know like the back of your hand.

I'm not afraid to speak the truth. When I write, I get my feelings and bad thoughts out on paper, whether it's real or virtual. When something bothers me, I jot it down.

Is there something bothering me at the moment? Yup, attention-seekers.

I know there is someone somewhere, everywhere. However, lately, it has come to MY attention that people are craving attention in the light of someone else's situation. In other words, they make it about them and completely eliminate the other person's happiness and moment.

When someone is happy about something, whether it be an engagement, a promotion, a wedding, graduation, or whatever, just be freaking happy for that person. They need your support more than ever. They want to have that moment for once.

It drives me crazy when I see someone steal that person's thunder. The happiness isn't so happy when attention-seekers just shit on it. It stings when they have to one-up someone's success. It hurts when they turn everything around and make it about themselves.

It's not polite to shine the light on you when someone else is celebrating their success or happiness. Get out of their moment and just watch from the outside. Give them your support and at least pretend to be happy. If you can't even do that, you've got a problem.

If someone just got engaged, don't turn your nose up to it and cry about it, as you've had your day already. If someone just got a promotion, send them congratulations and smile. If someone just graduated from either high school, college, or whatever, don't make it about you or someone else.

I'm tired of seeing this because I am never jealous and I don't hold resentment over anyone for an achievement. I always give support. I am always happy for someone if they have something to celebrate or be happy for.

Stop thinking about yourself and be happy for people. Don't shine the light on you because it isn't about you for once.

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