Why You May Be Perfect For A Relationship

To The Girl Who Is Perfect For A Relationship But Isn't Perfect In One

Sometimes we find that we are ready for a relationship full of love and devotion towards one another but aren't always given one


Relationships these days are tough. We are constantly surrounded by unrealistic ideas of what people in them are supposed to act and look like. Social media makes everyone look like they are living out a Hallmark movie scenario where romance and love seem to be the only factors that matter in their lives and that the problems they face are minimal compared to real life. What social media doesn't show is the reality behind every relationship, like getting angry over little things, going through deaths and failing at being able to control one's emotions sometimes.

I try really hard to not fall into the trap I've always put myself in, feeling insecure about myself and comparing bodies instead of minds. I can be very superficial when it comes to looks, not because I think that others should be judged on them but because I judge myself. I judge myself because I can't completely wrap my head around the fact that a man wants to be with me for my looks. I know its more than that but there still has to be that initial attraction. Currently, I have a new boyfriend who adores me and wants the best for me, which isn't unusual for me but the difference now is that we have talked about my insecurities with full knowledge that both of us have them. We don't hide from each other the insecurities that we have, instead, we openly talk about what bothers us and that makes us stronger.

You may feel like giving up on finding a relationship based on the reality that a lot of the times, people have tended to want to give up on you. There is no reason for most of these things. People really are afraid to commit to someone and have a potentially great life. You may also feel like you need to hide yourself away when that relationship comes around. The tendencies that I have is to close myself up to the idea that love is not just a one-way street. Love takes time to form and grow and to the girl who feels like she wants that, go ahead and dive right into it. Every relationship is a leap of faith. There are going to be times where you want to hide the bad parts of yourself from your significant other but in reality, one day they are going to see it whether you want them to or not. It is up to you on how you want to love this person and let them into your life. You don't have to be perfect in a relationship but I believe you can be perfect for one.

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