As humans, we are not short of providing ourselves with abused luxuries that are only meant to be produced at sustainable rates, that is to avoid extreme shifts on earth. Global industries, animal agricultural practices, harmful emissions, what do all of these have in common? They're leading contributors to the one thing we're sure to be the end for life on Earth, the deforestation of our rainforest.

Just in the last 4 decades, humans have single-handedly destroyed or cut down over 20% of the Amazon rainforest, 93,000 square miles in the past 10 years alone. If that doesn't seem like much think about how by the end of this article, over 200 footballs fields worth of the Amazon will have been cut down. Of course, the vast majority of mankind can not be the ones to blame right? Fortunately we're aware of what's causing such significant damage, and humans do play a huge factor.

One huge reason this beautiful forest has been destroyed is for a huge demand of animal agriculture. In simple terms, dairy, meats, and other animal trades. The global marketing business does not play. As long as there is a demand there is a product, and the Earth is suffering because of it. This isn't to say humans are terrible and we should be absolutely ashamed of being part of such species, because there have been countless of instances where people have gathered to stop the deforestation of our rainforests.

You're probably wondering why this is relevant to your life, how could it possibly affect you? The Amazon and many other rainforests, along with all of Earth's amazing natural resources, are responsible for keeping this planet alive. Although the ocean is responsible for 80% of our oxygen intake, the Amazon plays a role with the other 20%. Once the rainforest begin to die it won't take long for the Earth and it's inhabitants to start depleting soon after.

Rainforests are vital to the existence of mankind, they provide us with over 121 marketed drugs, rare plants and animals and luxurious foods! The end of the rainforests is a new beginning to a world deprived of cacao, pineapples, papayas, and coffee. Not only this, but rainforests regulate natural disasters and climate change. Killing a rainforest as big as the Amazon would only increase our rates of global warming, which would cause irreversible damage to our planet. So how does this affect us? Regardless if it's direct or indirect, this will hurt us ultimately. Our rainforests offer life that we cannot get elsewhere. Not only will we be short of many wonderful resources, but we will be in danger as a species.

Although it seems impossible, we can reduce rainforest deforestation. It's our best bet to conserving our wildlife and the indigenous peoples who cherish the rainforests, such as the Amazon, to be their homes. Below is a couple of tips from GreenPeace to ensure we have a deforestation-future.