Over the past year I have felt so out of character, when i say this it goes both ways with good and bad. I feel like coming into college has made me realize a lot of things I used to struggle with. I know it’s not the New Year, which is when yearly reflection usually takes place but lately I've been thinking about all the positive things in my life. I've come to the realization that deep diving into my thoughts wasn't always a good thing. I tend to overthink everything I do, even when it might be a simple thing. So here I am writing this, I felt that it's appropriate to take my own time and reflect on some things I’ve learned over the past year about myself. Most of the things I’ve learned I have known for some time but they have been re invented in my life over the past year.

Starting off with needing my alone time. In college, I am constantly surrounded by other people. At first, it seemed like the greatest thing because I was never alone. Although it's nice to be around people , being alone really helps you endure the person you are really meant to be. I have realized that I am the type of person that gains energy from alone time - it helps me rejuvenate. My alone time in college usually consists of trips to the library to tackle some homework or to workout at the gym. Alone time is crucial and keeps you sane. Not only this but realizing that I ultimately come before others. I have always spent my time caring for people who don't deserve for me to waste my energy on them. I know that sounds harsh but there are some people that you have to cut out of your life because they are toxic to your mental being. Although I felt that it was always me first it was never really like that. But it's nice to be this young and realize that people come and go for reasons and you have to learn to be okay with the change it's just that plain and simple. I have to do what's best for me rather than what's best for others. Besides putting other first I have always made school important. School is not easy so if ever turn you down for anything don't take it the wrong way I just need to get my stuff done because after all I'm here to get an education.

One of the most important things I learned about myself is that I'm not like the other girls I thank my parents for this one. They always taught me to be true to myself and be who I am. I'll tell you this, I am such a weirdo and totally proud. I'm quite high maintenance (not in a bad way though), when i say that I mean that I rather do and say what I truly believe defines me as a person. I have never felt the need that I have to kiss up to anyone because where is that really going to get me?. I would rather be different and do things that no one else does instead of being a follower. Besides that I have learned that I'm happy being alone, in single manner. I really hate when people stress over not being in a romantic relationship. I understand not everyone thinks the same but I think it's important to first be okay with yourself before rushing into anything, because at the end of the day if you can't be happy with yourself how are you going to be happy with somebody else?.