Not Fitting In Doesn't Mean You Can't Find Your Fit
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Not Fitting In Doesn't Mean You Can't Find Your Fit

Everyone wasn't made to fit in, yet it should not deter you from finding your fit.

Not Fitting In Doesn't Mean You Can't Find Your Fit
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"I don't fit into any stereotypes. And I like myself that way." To the misunderstood, misfits, weirdos, and those somewhere in between, I am here to say: Yes we might be somewhat crazy, but trust that the "normal ones" are just as insane. During these uncertain times, I have found myself reflecting in areas that I had never even thought about before now. Between fighting against racial injustices, being a college student, and attempting to steer clear of a disease that has plagued the entire globe, I've had a substantial amount of time to self reflect on what I truly want out of life. In doing this, the thoughts and opinions that have been developed began to clash with others around me and have placed me on the outskirts. And quite frankly, that is quite alright.

Though they may sound similar, the phrases "find your fit" and "fitting in" have two entirely different meanings. "Fitting in" often leads to individuals following the latest fashion trend, adapting the newest hairstyle, or socially drinking for the sake of being apart of a group(even though they fall into the category of "lightweight of the decade"). That may be pleasing to one person and detrimental to the next. Thus generating the question: Does it truly bring about internal happiness? "Fitting in" is almost like being a small piece of a puzzle being placed with others to create a bigger picture. However, if the overall image does not equate to your standards or reflect the vision that you have for your life, is it worth it? Or are you simply wasting time? On the contrary, "finding your fit' is the first step to generating a sense of inner peace, tranquility, and overall happiness. Finding YOUR fit allows you to place yourself in an environment that brings out the best qualities. This environment may contain hundreds of individuals or it may only contain you, your thoughts, and possibly your shadow. Nonetheless, "finding your fit" often steers you in a direction to "fitting into" an external environment that will help elevate you rather than waste your time without you even knowing.

Finding your fit is easier said than done. See, society has a way of manipulating individuals into feeling that if they're even the SLIGHTEST bit different from an intrinsic and/or extrinsic perspective, that something is wrong internally and needs to be brought to the surface. Hence, generating the plague of overthinking. And let's be honest: No one likes in an overthinker or the thought of overthinking. Often, we are searching for answers in the world, other people, and even ourselves that simply do not exist. Don't get me wrong, everyone has their flaws. Yet, these days majority of the "internal issues" are only acknowledged by other people when you aren't doing what they want you to do or taking the path that they'd hoped for you to take. Mastering the art of "finding your fit" can help you decipher information that is genuinely for your benefit versus criticism being given to control and manipulate you to fit another person's ego. Nonetheless, anyone struggling to fit in with society and/or a select group of people should take a step back, find their internal fit, and allow it to guide them on the road ahead.

Some were made to fit in and others were made to find their fit. At the end of the day, you should strive to achieve whatever makes you happy and gives you a sense of wholeness. Simply understand that: It is okay to stand alone and bask in your internal light. Though others may question your actions and sense of being, know that another person's happiness/opinion will never fill any void within you. The only way to achieve that is to trust your gut, enhance yourself, and pursue life finding the fit that helps you get the most out of the life you are currently living.

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