As spooky season comes to an end, make sure you dive into all the throwback Halloween shows and movies before the month is over! Keep reading for some major Disney nostalgia.

1. "Halloweentown"

This classic is a year-round favorite. If you haven't watched Marnie Piper and her family save Halloweentown through all four movies, then you are missing out. "Halloweentown" is, hands down, the best movie of spooky season, make it a must every year to watch it!

2. "Hocus Pocus"

Call me a fake fan, but I have never actually watched "Hocus Pocus." But, to be fair, I know many people who are obsessed with the movie and call it a Halloween staple movie. This spooky season, I myself have to watch this movie to know what the hype is truly all about.

3. "Under Wraps"

As a kid, this movie always really creeped me out. But it was definitely a yearly ritual to watch part of it get freaked out change the channel then hope the mummy friend was no longer on the screen. But "Under Wraps" has to be a classic childhood Halloween movie.

4. "Phantom of the Megaplex"

This is another staple movie of spooky season it's a must-watch movie for anyone born in the 1990s that watched this movie play every year on Disney Channel.

5. "Suite Life of Zack and Cody: The Ghost in Suite 613"

This is the best Disney Channel Halloween show without a doubt. I mean my senior quote was literally "Ghostieeee speak to ussss" So if that doesn't tell you how passionate I am about this being the best show of Halloween, then just watch it and find out for yourself!! Definitely a 10/10 throwback.

6. "Lizzie McGuire: Night of the Day of the Dead"

Any '90s baby can tell you that Lizzie McGuire was a classic Disney show of the era. And their Halloween special has to be an iconic one that played every single year.

7. "That's So Raven: Don't Have a Cow"

"That's So Raven" has to be one of the best shows of Disney Channel. All you really need to know about their Halloween special if that it ends with Raven and Chelsea being real cows with snouts and all...

8. "Even Stevens: Very Scary Story"

Need to hear a chilling scary story to keep you up at night? Stay up with this "Even Stevens" episode for a classic scary throwback.

Take a trip down a childhood memory lane and watch these classic Halloween throwbacks plus many more. These nostalgic shows are what make spooky season the best season. Make sure you watch these classics to relive your childhood Disney Halloween!!