I was born and raised in the north. Now living as a student in the south, I've had a taste of both places and will show you a firsthand perspective of a few of the differences. Starting off...

1. Snow

The amount of snow it takes to stop Northerners.

The amount of snow to stop southerners.

2. Soft Drink? Caramel? Lightning bugs?

Is it pop or is it soda? Is it "Car-mall" or "Care-a-mel"? Lightning bugs or fireflies?

3. The Civil War Over Food

Southerners, your fried chicken is amazing! I can't believe I went without it. Northerners, your pizza crushes the pizza here, not even a contest. Tea is another notable. I've heard southerners explain their shock to go up north and have to put the sugar into the drink themselves as sweet tea is the norm.

4. Smart People (SAT's)

The North has more states in the top 10 of getting better scores on these vital tests. But the south has more states that require students to take the test in order to set them up better. So who wins on education?

5. Accents

The southern twang like with y'all is definitely different. Up north, it's "you guys" with less of that twang.

6. Dressing Up

Dressing up is common in both places, but in the south, there seems to be more occasions to do so. I went from being one of a handful of guys commonly wearing scarves in the north and a few collared shirts to class, to one of many where I'm at now in the south. Ladies are wearing skirts much more down here on a regular basis. It's nice to dress up, but some leniency for casualness is pretty nice too.

7. Funeral Respect

I pulled up to a green light seeing a group of cars passing by (I didn't see the first vehicle). Bewildered that they were crossing a red light, I was both annoyed and curious why. Later, I was informed that this is a southern tradition to allow the procession to pass.

I love both places for different reasons. Both are fantastic parts of a great country. The north means a lot, but I'm really appreciating what life is like south of the Mason-Dixon line. Did I miss any huge points? Let me know if I did in the comments below!