There is an innate desire within all of us to reach the dreams that have been swimming in our minds since we were little ones. They got there by watching a movie, or by seeing someone be passionate about something, or even by glancing at a picture. The dreams that by lack of a better term "plague" our imaginations are very important to the human existence.

If you have seen the movie Kung Fu Panda, you know that Po is a panda with dreams of becoming a kung fu legend. He completely disregards the stereotype of pandas as being too big and too slow to ever succeed in the art of kung fu, and goes for his dreams with no shame or embarrassment. The journey wasn't easy. He faced ridicule from his peers and even his teacher. But he never stopped trying.

I feel like this mindset is how a lot of people succeed in their dreams. I am confident in saying that anyone can reach their goals if they want it bad enough. There is always going to be a Tigress telling you that you don't belong, or a Master Shifu saying that you're not good enough, but your head is where it's at. Your mindset determines how you feel about the outcome of your situation.

Here are my tips for people that have dreams and want to reach them!

1. Dream big. Go for the Big Kahuna baby! You only have one life, live it well.

2. Start. Just go for it. The process might be long, but it will be well worth it!

3. Stay consistent. Consistency is key, as they all say. Keep at it, no matter the opposing voices or trials you may face.

4. Go hard. It's either all in, or not at all. Put everything you have into your dream. Be passionate, and don't be afraid to show that! It's attractive to people that can help you succeed at your dreams.

5. Don't give up. You'll never know what could have happened if only you would have kept pushing forward. Again, no regrets.

Po was called the chosen one by the wise turtle guy. But in the end, *spoiler alert* Po opens the secret Dragon Scroll and realizes that it is just his reflection. His triumphant victory by becoming the kung fu master wasn't because he was the chosen one, it was because he continued to work for what he wanted. He didn't give up. How can a story about a drop-kicking panda be inspirational? I'm not sure. But I still cry every time.

So my friends, don't settle for the noodle dream. I.e. what your parents want you to do, or what outside voices are telling you to do. Continue to dream your own dreams and actually make steps toward reaching them! Also, watch Kung Fu Panda if you haven't already.