What some people may or may not know, "Feminism" is the current movement that is taking media by storm, and leading people to believe "women are fighting for other women's rights", when actually in some ways, is the complete opposite.

Feminism: An idea of giving the rights to all woman, regardless of her biological makeup. Now, this sounds GREAT in theory, doesn't it? Equal pay, equal rights, and all that jazz white cis men are born possessing. But, something we do not think about, it the discrimination within the community. White women silencing women of color by tone policing (will get into that in a minute) white women not believing the idea of equality within a mission to "create equality for all and through all"…but when is enough, enough? Recently for one of my English classes, I was assigned the book This Bridge Called My Back | Writings by Radical Women of Color.

For some, this book could be a bedside staple but for others, it could be brand new territory. The book is a collection of writings, poems and published work done by women of color, or women of oppressed groups. The editors are Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldúa; Moraga was born from her Mexican mother and American Father, Anzaldúa is an Asian-American. The women start the book with the ideals they hope the book holds, with the work inside. I have never been so impressed with a collection of work before, but this blew my mind.

So back to the idea of "tone policing"; I thought looking up the actual definition would be a sure fire way, of getting everyone to understand: "It's simple, really. Tone policing describes a diversionary tactic used when a person purposely turns away from the message behind her interlocutor's argument in order to focus solely on the delivery of it." https://medium.com/@tessintrovert/racism-101-tone-policing-92481c044b6a

Basically, tone policing is another way of systematic racism; the idea that a white woman telling a woman of color to "change her tone" to better help "people understand your point". Now, I don't know about you but I have a lot to say about this, especially as a white woman but I am not making this about me, it's about us. It's about this new wave of white feminism, that white women are creating solely for other white women. There are endless destructive consequences of non-inclusive feminism, and yet again it is a systematic power raised by white women and their cis white husbands. INCORPORATE, EDUCATE and BE KIND. Do not tell me I am white so I cannot call other white women out, BECAUSE THAT'S HALF THE PROBLEM. Do not tell me you do not "see color", so how could "white feminism" be real…(this example came from a real life situation I was put through). See those for who they are, take beauty in differences…because who said differences cannot equate kindness?

Also, for all those out there who still own the Pink Pu$y Hats…please throw them out, burn them whatever you have to. THE HATS DO NOT INCLUDE WOMXN WHO ARE WITHOUT A UTERUS!!!