We all know and love the many songs that come from Disney animated musicals. We get together with friends and family to watch the movies and sing along to classics like "Circle of Life" or "Part of Your World."

But there are also some movies not animated by Disney that have impacted many childhoods -- movies we might even have forgotten of.

So here's a nostalgia trip where we recount some of the best songs from non-Disney animated movies.

1. "The Prayer" from "Quest for Camelot"

You might have heard this song before. Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli love to sing it together. As a standalone song, it's become pretty huge. However, few people know that this song was actually first written/recorded for the 1998 Warner Bros. movie "Quest for Camelot."

This song happens as the main character's mother gets captured, but the daughter escapes, leaving the mother to sing a prayer song for her safety.

2. "Once Upon a December" from "Anastasia"

You can't talk about non-Disney animated musicals without mentioning "Anastasia." It's an iconic retelling of the Romanov royal family's story, with Anastasia surviving the attack on her family, but getting amnesia and thus not remembering that she's an ex-princess.

This song happens as Anastasia remembers a little bit of her past. The song is so good that Disney could only wish that they had written it.

3. "When You Believe" from "The Prince of Egypt"

"The Prince of Egypt" is an incredibly powerful movie, no matter what your religious beliefs are. And this song, sung by Moses' sister and wife as the Jews are leaving Egypt, is incredibly moving and emotional.

4. "Written In Your Heart" from "The Princess and the Pauper"

Barbie movies are pretty ridiculous, but for some reason, Barbie's "The Princess and the Pauper" has songs that actually hold up when listening to them again as an adult.

While it has cheesy lyrics, "Written In Your Heart" is actually a good song and the princesses' voices blend together perfectly.

5. "I Stand Alone" from "Quest for Camelot"

Again, this is from one of the most underrated non-Disney musicals, "Quest for Camelot." What makes this movie great is that they set it in a time that most people are familiar with (Arthurian time), but create a completely original story out of it.

The main character, Kayley, wants to follow in her father's footsteps and become a knight of the round table. Then she suddenly finds herself on a very important mission and asks Garrett, a blind hermit living in the forest, to join her. This song is Garrett's first response.

6. "It's Tough to Be a God" from "The Road to El Dorado"

I wouldn't call "The Road to El Dorado" a musical, but it has one musical number that is glorious. Somehow, our two main characters convince everyone that they are gods and sing this hilarious song in celebration of their successful con.

7. "Journey to the Past" from "Anastasia"

Another princess song that Disney wishes it could have gotten to first. This "Anastasia" solo is epic and really sets up her character and the tone for the rest of the movie. You know immediately that she wants to know her past and have a family.

8. "Batty Rap" from "FernGully"

When you think of Robin Williams performing in an animated musical, you probably think of "Aladdin," but he also played a crazy bat in "FernGully." His hilarious rap about how crazy he is is definitely worth a listen.

9. "Be Prepared" from "Hoodwinked"

No, this is not "The Lion King" song "Be Prepared." This song is about a mountain goat having a pair of horns for every situation. "Hoodwinked" is a unique and hilarious retelling of the classic "Little Red Riding Hood" story. In this version, Red visits a mountain goat that teaches her the importance of being prepared for every situation.

It sounds a little weird, but it makes some sense when you watch the rest of the movie. I can guarantee you the song will be stuck in your head afterward.

10. "Deliver Us" from "The Prince of Egypt"

One of the most epic openings of any animated musical. That's right, I said it. Everything about it grips you from the first second and draws you into the biblical story.

11. "Girl Like You" from "The Princess and the Pauper"

You might recognize this song from some recent memes, but meme or not, it's a pretty good song! Whoever made this movie did a good job at casting women whose voices go together super well.

12. "Welcome to Duloc" from "Shrek"

While Dreamworks was working on "The Prince of Egypt," they were also working on "Shrek," which they didn't think was going to do nearly as well. Little did they know that "Shrek" would become a smash hit. It just felt wrong not talking about this iconic movie.

13. "Top of the Woods" from "Hoodwinked"

Spoilers for "Hoodwinked" ahead. This surprise villain really turns out to be one of the best characters in the movie. The idea of the cute bunny being behind everything is not just funny, but creative. And his villain song is both catchy and sinister.

14. "Rumor in St. Petersburg" from "Anastasia"

As big group opening numbers go, this is one of the best. It gives you a strong sense of place and sets up the whole conflict of the movie. Plus, it's super catchy.

15. "Looking Through Your Eyes" from "Quest for Camelot"

Have I been writing about "Quest for Camelot" too much? Probably, but there are just so many good songs from it! This one is a great love duet. It's simple, but still emotional.

16. "Other Father's Song" from "Coraline"

"Coraline" isn't a musical, but this song deserves a mention because I love the juxtaposition of this cheery song with the very creepy characters and plot of this movie. Listening to the song, you can understand more why Coraline liked this other family so much.