Dear Freeform,

Just earlier tonight I was flipping the channels when I came across yours. "Mrs. Doubtfire" was playing and my roommate had never watched it through, so of course, like everyone should, we watched the movie. (She was very taken away at the part where Robin William’s characters get caught as one in the restaurant) Then comes the ending credits of the movie, and the rolling of the next movie.

At the same time, we both got excited, picture two 20-year-old, college sophomores screaming like a birthday boy opening the biggest present because you were playing "Dirty Dancing." An all-time classic movie that was way before our times, but so amazing that made us feel like shopaholic getting a new credit card.

As a dancer, I grew up watching any and every movie about dancing. "Flash Dance," "Center Stage," "Dirty Dancing," "Save the Last Dance," "Step Up," every movie. I love everything about movies centered about dancing and not just because of my love for dance, but because to watch others dancing helps tell stories (even if it is just acting).

But I must say that while I am admiring Patrick Swayze’s thrusting and Jennifer Grey going from awkwardly dancing to doing a smooth Merengue, I could not help but be taken away from one of your promoting commercials. A remake of "Dirty Dancing"? Are you serious? Did no one learn their lesson from "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights"?

I understand that movie remakes have become a very common movement lately. From "Annie" to "Hairspray" to "Beauty and The Beast," the remakes have become lovable and popular. Remaking movies can sometimes be an amazing thing for the publicity of corporations and television studios, but you CAN NOT remake a classic movie like this one. I do not care that you cast Abigail Breslin as ‘Baby’ and Colt Prattes as ‘Johnny’ because, in all honesty, nobody can out do Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. When you did the live versions of “Hairspray” and “Grease,” I was all for it because it was amazing to see them live.

"Dirty Dancing," though, is one movie that should be off limits from remakes. It was perfectly choreographed, the casting was an amazing group, and the setting of the whole movie did give an accurate feel of 1963. Some will argue that with technology today, the videography will be more clear and better, but I feel like the filming of the original is what gives it its authenticity. I know that me writing this will not change anything since you are already done filming and that although I do not approve of it, I will still watch it for comparisons, but I want to make it clear that I am not happy.


A Devout Patrick Swayze Lover.

P.S. Please, everyone reading this, let's all take a moment to just fall in love with this handsome man.