Noah Cyrus' new EP has to be on your playlist

Noah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus little sister, entered the music world with her smash hit song "Make Me Cry" featuring Labrinth. Noah's vocals sound like a mix of Miley and Lana Del Rey. She has released various singles, one with her ex-boyfriend Lil Xan. "Live or Die" which is the single featuring Lil Xan, is about an endless love staying strong throughout obstacles. Of course, the two broke-up and had a social media feud with both artists accusing each of other cheating with other people. Another famous artist that sang with Noah is XXXTENTACION, who passed away this summer due to a fatal gunshot.

The song "After" featuring the rapper has haunting vocals and great techno sounds that makes the song addicting. Another single I love is "Lately," which she sings with Tanner Alexander. The two artists sing with an acoustic guitar and their vocals together create a soft vibe. Moreover, her song "Team" which she sings with MAX is another favorite of mine because it also is sung with an acoustic.

Noah released her EP "Good Cry" which has six tracks titled: "Where Have You Been?," "Mad At You" (with Gallant), "Good Cry," "Punches" (with LP), "Sadness", and "Topanga" (voice memo). After her public break with Lil Xan, Noah titled her EP Good Cry. She said, "well… due to the circumstances, I think I named this EP appropriately. good cry coming Sept. 21." My favorite songs from her album have to be "Mad at You" (with Gallant) because it has a jazzy tone and you can really hear her emotions. The song also has a chorus singing the lyrics and it adds another dimension to the song. I love "Topanga" because I could tell that it is a voice memo, but it sounds way more intimate. The lyrics are so sad that I even wanna cry and hug Noah due to her break up with Lil Xan.
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