best youtube female fitness instructors

No Time for the Gym? No Problem.

These female fitness instructors have taken to YouTube to help us out.

Life is busy and oftentimes, we forget to care for our bodies. However, health always comes first no matter what, because how do we expect to succeed if we can't even keep up physically?

Thankfully, in the past several years or so, YouTube has grown so much to where it features popular fitness instructors. Even better: every single one of these instructors' videos works! Not only are their videos great but also their personalities; you will definitely sweat and laugh during their workouts.

*in no particular order

1) Blogilates

Cassey Ho is one of the sweetest, and even if she's only on the screen, you can tell that she truly wants her students to succeed. Ho is the founder of POP Pilates and her channel has grown tremendously in the past decade or so. She has videos that focus on strengthening, flexibility, endurance, and cardio. If you're a beginner to Pilates, you can find her beginner's calender here.

2) XHIT Daily

Rebecca-Louise is energetic and supportive as she teaches you how to get Victoria's Secret legs, a six pack, banging booty, and more. Her workouts are relatively short but provide not only bursts of energy to your system but also a fresh wake up call. Even after doing one video, you will be sweating and very sore the next morning.

3) Yoga with Adriene

If you neither like pilates nor ab workouts, Adriene may be the answer for you. With her soothing voice and her calm, casual demeanor, Adriene is the yoga instructor you never had. Her workouts range from a variety of levels and motives so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. Her 30-Day Yoga Challenge is particularly wonderful.

4) PopSugar, Anna Renderer

Renderer is bubbly, and her workouts are not only fun but also effective. She usually works with a small group of people, so you don't ever feel alone in the workout. Some of her videos require extra tools, such as dumbbells. Her videos provide full workouts but also short workouts perfect for those days where all you want to do is chill in bed.

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