How long does it take to grow thick skin?

I’ve considered myself to be a pretty open book. I’m rather transparent with my emotions, and those who know me well say they can read how I am feeling just by looking at my face. But, is that a bad thing?

In many situations, I have felt that being myself and being very open with my emotions has allowed me to better connect with people. Whether or not that is reciprocated, I have never really cared. I’ve been true to my character.

I have only recently realized that not everyone is so readily transparent. My whole life, I’ve been very real and honest when I’ve needed to express my emotions. But, I’ve met many people who haven’t been so open and who’ve almost seemed numbed to situations that would strike me as emotional. It’s strange to me how someone can react to a situation and seemingly not be phased, while I’ve responded in tears or anger. It’s times like these that make me feel as though I may be too open or too free with my sentiments.

This got me thinking: do I just not have thick skin? More importantly, does that make me weaker?

It might be the norm to only display your strengths and to never show your weaknesses. Some may call it naive, but I really believe that being vulnerable and open to expressing your emotions has taught me more than attempts at avoiding or pushing aside any feelings. Why is it considered taboo to cry about things, even if they’re good or bad? Is it really a sign of weakness or a sign of assurance in oneself?

I think that not having thick skin isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Rather, it might just mean someone is more comfortable in expressing their true feelings. I’m sure as I grow older and experience more in life, I will become somewhat numb to certain feelings. This may simply be because these patterns of emotions may seem redundant or mundane after a while. But, I hope that I never lose or fail to gain my sense of transparency. Because,I’d rather have “thin skin” if it means I’m truer to who I am.

Seriously. Try peeling back the layers and showing everyone who you really are. You might be surprised at the connections you form with others and the increase in confidence you’ll have in your emotions.