Why We Don't Need A Straight Pride Parade

Oh wait, there are NO reasons to celebrate straight pride.

In fact, having straight people pride makes no sense because it is something that is celebrated every day. Since time existed, there has been no incidence ever recorded of any straight person being bullied, killed or imprisoned because of their sexuality. Heterosexuality has always been normalized and has always been the accepted sexuality, so why is there a need to celebrate it?

Why is there suddenly a need to outshine gay people on a month that has been specially kept for them to celebrate their own sexuality?

A sexuality that is being criminalized in most country, a sexuality that up till now, people still feel distressed over because they are different from what is considered "normal."

Pride is a month set aside for gay people to celebrate who they are, unapologetically. It is a time when they can be proud of who they are and be happy to be it. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing to celebrate about being straight, when it has been normalized for a long time.

I still don't understand why there would always be this cycle of privileged people wanting to prove that they too are oppressed.

Like I stated earlier, no straight person has ever been to jail for being straight, and I have never heard of any straight person ever being ashamed to display PDA because they are at the risk of getting thrown into jail. However, gay people have been killed, bullied, and looked down on just for being who they were.

Straight people have no reason to celebrate their sexuality. And even if they feel the need to do so, they can do it on some other month that IS NOT the gay pride month. This behavior of trying to make heterosexuality seem oppressive, even when it is not, and trying to make it like there is something to celebrate about being straight should stop. Let gay people have their month of celebration. God knows, they deserve it.

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