Why I Have No Respect For Anyone Who Drinks & Drives
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Why I Have No Respect For Anyone Who Drinks & Drives

If you're worried about the money, I am 100% sure it is a lot cheaper than your DUI ticket or the guilt you will have to live with if you hurt or kill someone while drunk driving.

Why I Have No Respect For Anyone Who Drinks & Drives
Neue Westfälische

October 25th, 2014.

June 30th, 2015.

Danielle had just turned 16 about a month before, she had just gotten a new job at Barnes and Nobles which was where she was coming from on the night of October 25th, 2014. Danielle was hit by a drunk driver, whose blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash was 0.23 percent, almost three times the legal driving limit, and this was not her first DUI. The offender was sentenced to twenty years in prison. But, no amount of time is enough; 20 years in prison is not enough because of the lives (she also killed a passenger in her own car) she took and the harm she has done.

Roudey would have been a senior that August, he and four other friends decided to go get ice cream on June 30th, 2015, when they were struck by a drunk driver. Roudey was airlifted to St. Louis and the other four in the car went to the local hospital where they came out with fractures to vertebra, a collar bone fracture and a facial bone fracture. Roudey later died a hero, by donating his organs. Roudey's friends and family still wear the green "donate life" bracelet in remembrance of our hero. I thought 20 years in prison was not enough, but this offender got 2-5 years. Which is truly sickening.

For some, these days mean absolutely nothing, they are just another day on the calendar. But for me, and so many others they are days that we lost friends, children, and a brother and sister. No matter what, losing someone is hard, and unfortunately something that I am all to familiar with. But the worst part about losing my cousin, Danielle and my friend, Roudey is that they lost their life because a selfish person decided to drink and drive.

One thing I have never understood is why people do it. I can't imagine being drunk somewhere and thinking, yep, it is a good idea to get behind the wheel and drive home or wherever you are wanting to go. If you do this, you are obviously selfish, so forget about harming someone else, but imagine all of the things that could happen to you. Maybe you are lucky, and make it home alive, and don't hurt anyone else in the process, for your sake and everyone else's I hope you do. But don't take that risk. Call a taxi, an uber, a lyft, or even a friend. If you're worried about the money, I am 100% sure it is a lot cheaper than your DUI ticket or the guilt you will have to live with if you hurt or kill someone while drunk driving.

I once read an article saying something along the lines of "If you have multiple DUI's, if you prove you're sober you can get your license back" I didn't fact check this article, but if you have multiple DUI's, like the two drivers that hit my cousin and friend, obviously they are not sober, and do not deserve a license. Here is the brutal truth, if my friend's parent's cannot ever see their babies again, you don't deserve to ever see your license again. And that, should be the least of your worries. Yeah, sure, you can put the device in their car that they have to blow into before they can drive, but how are you 100% sure that it is actually them?

So, before you get behind the wheel next time you are drinking, please think twice. It isn't worth hurting you, or anyone else. Drinking and driving is 100% preventable.

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