Life is sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes it crushes your spirit and the spark that once burned bright. Sometimes, although you don't voice it, you are not okay.

More often than I would like to admit, I have days where I feel defeated. Whether it's a bad grade, a inconsiderate comment made by a friend, or a lack of being noticed, I fall asleep feeling completely drained. I walk through this life and the spark no longer pushes me forward. But rather, I drag my feet with the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I have those days, you have those days, we all have those days. The days where we put a smile on our faces, while on the inside, our minds scream "you are not okay." But, why do we hide it? Why must we hide our emotion? Why do we hold it in and let it consume us? Why do we carry the burden alone? Why is not okay, to not be okay?

We live in a society where we feel pressured to always be okay. But, let me fill you in on a secret. You do NOT have to pretend to be okay. Be honest, with others and yourself. Find time to sit and contemplate the fact that you are truly NOT okay. Accept it and stop running. Instead of running, instead of faking it, be honest with the one who's love conquers even the most weary of souls. Take the fact that you are not okay and lay it before the Lord. Pray to Jesus, cry out and ask for His love to wash over you.

It is okay not to be okay, but don't let it overwhelm you. Instead, accept it and turn it over to God.

We all experience days where we fake it and the smile plastered a crossed our faces, do nothing to make us feel better. But, don't loose heart, because that spark that has gone from your eyes, is found in the hope and love God offers to all His children. You and I may never be able to fully say, "Today, I am 100% okay." But, don't worry, because God's love is victorious in all circumstances. So, turn to Jesus and fall into his loving embrace, because it is in His arms, that everything will be made right and everything will always be okay.