Have I ever been in love? That is the question. Don't get me wrong, I have certainly loved the idea of being in love, but I haven't quite found my person. I have pondered this with every rom-com I have watched recently, so judge me all you want.

Of course, I have had crushes on guys and have made up scenarios in my head of maybe ending up with one of them in the future. But to be honest, I'm not exactly worried about finding him.

I'm perfectly fine with living my life without having to depend on someone else. Would it be nice for someone like Peter Kavinsky to write me sweet notes and help me take up my case of water bottles up to the fourth floor of my apartment? It would be super nice, but it is not going to happen in a split second. Love takes time to grow, and I also need time to flourish as well.

A relationship will happen when the time is right for me, and I will go at my own pace. When my Prince Charming comes, I will be sure to make sure he treats me like a true queen, and that's what all girls should strive for. I think in this day and age we do get so wrapped up in being #relationshipgoals, but truthfully I think its time to have some #megoals. Set some goals for yourself first and then if your person comes along, naturally sprinkle them into your life and goals.