Unless you are a CCP student or a dual credit student, you have to have a GED or a high school diploma in order to be in college, which means you are most likely over the age of 18 and considered an adult.

With this information in mind... why are you still acting like you're in middle school?

We are all hard-working adults that are focusing on growing our educations in the hopes that we will be able to secure successful careers in our futures. We are all budding professionals who are searching for more out of our life than what high school could give us. So why are we so focused on what others think of us and what someone said about something?

We are social beings, and we like to talk, and most times the subject of conversation becomes the other people that we interact with on a daily basis. I get it. It's easy to talk about others. It's fun, but let's break that down and really think about it. There is really no need for it. You will not be getting anywhere new by dragging others down.

I get that it is part of the human condition, but why are we all so obsessed with spreading negativity?

Growing up, the cliques of the school ruled the way that we dressed, talked, what we did, and who we spoke to. We were all completely dependent on what others thought of us. As we have grown up, we claim that we grow out of these practices, but do we really? I mean, even within my own program, there are certain people that hang out with certain other people. There are little groups that are completely dependent on each other.

This is just the way that things tend to break down in life, and I understand that. The question is why we have to use the groups and people that we belong to in order to completely ruin other's lives? Why do we need to spill rumors and spread lies that only hurt others?

We are all adults here, why are we acting like we are something less than that? It's time to grow up.