Some days, I want to wear a Victoria's Secret Up 2 Cup push-up bra with a skin-tight shirt, and other days a sweatshirt with no bra is what I'm feeling.

Some days I just wear whatever I want with my boobs flailing around, because why not? I guess I have a love-hate relationship with my bras. I love them for what they do for my boobs. I mean, hello, one second my boobs aren't there and the next second I'm wearing a miraculous bra and I have perky, voluptuous boobies.

Just the same, bras are annoying, expensive, and just..ugh. Why am I doing this to myself?

In honor of National No Bra Day, here are 17 thoughts that run through my head (and probably yours) when wearing a bra:

1. Oh no, my boob sweat is going to seep through my bra...

2. This bra strap is cutting through my skin... that's not normal, right?

3. There's a crumb in my bra right now, but I can't find it.

4. I think I'm suffocating.

Or maybe my boobs are just choking.

5. When was the last time I washed this thing?

6. This. Is. Boob. Prison.

7. My boobs just want to be FREE!

8. Yes, my bra straps are showing. No, I don't care.

9. How do my boobs look?

10. This bra wire is trying to kill me.

11. How do I even put this bralette on?

The real question is, do I put it over my bra or just not wear a bra at all?

12. Time for a quick boob scoop.

13. I need to buy this lace bra pronto.

But, it's wayyy too expensive.

14. O.M.G. my strapless bra almost slipped off!

15. There's nothing but padding...

16. Bras are miracle workers! Now you see them, then you don't!

I swear, without a bra I'm a little boy.

17.  Can I take it off yet?

Ultimately, I'd much rather go braless than continuously boob scoop throughout the day. I love my itty bitty titties just the way they are.