Nipsey Hussle Death

Recently, the news of Nipsey Hussle's death went viral. Now, I was never a big fan of his, but I knew him from the humanitarian activities he had been doing. And since his death, almost every social media account has been filled with posts saying "RIP Nipsey," "A legend gone so soon," and so on. It is definitely human to sympathize with news like that by posting such things, but the problem is how hypocritical it is. And I mean hypocrisy in the fact that the same people who post sympathy posts are the same ones who would sit down at home and not try to do anything about it. It has created a system where whenever news of unwarranted killings of a victim goes out, everyone posts the usual "RIP" messages, get angry on social media for a while and all is forgotten until it happens again, and we rinse and repeat again.

I love my generation for the fact that we are not afraid to speak up. We know what is right and are not easily fooled, which makes it easy for us to call out higher authorities when they are not doing their job. This is why there have been so many NGO's that have raised awareness and protested to the government about the issue of gun violence. A few weeks ago, New Zealand experienced a mass shooting at a mosque and the quick response at which they banned all machine guns and took care of their citizens is something to be admired.

We can try to tap into that too. Yes, sometimes it is frustrating because it feels like our protests fall on deaf ears and look like that no one might be listening, but the louder you protest, the higher the probability of being heard.

Gun control is a very important need for our society. Too many people are being sacrificed for unimportant reasons and it needs to stop. We shouldn't wait till it's the next victim before we start to act.

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