Nipple Piercing Fad
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Nipple Piercing Fad

Nipple Piercing Fad
Daily Mail

If you keep up with the recent trends and styles, maybe you have come across nipple piercings. This trend has been around for centuries, but hasn't become more of a "fashion statement" until more recent years. Believe it or not, nipple piercings have been around since the early 1800s. In the 20th century they became more popular for men to obtain, up until recently when women decided they wanted to jump on board.

There's many theories as to why nipple piercings have become so popular lately. Maybe it's the recent feminist popularity, free the nipple movement, anti-body shaming, hell, it could be anything. There are many men who used to get their nipples pierced in older times, and still do. Men will even get their nipples pierced for the same reasons women do. But more recently the fad has been affecting women more than men. Some people are getting their nipples pierced to actually fix an inverted nipple that they may have. Besides the looks aspect of the piercing, they increase sensitivity and stimulation, which sometimes can cause a better sex life, which is one of the factors from the 1800s actually. There have also been religious factors among many other things. The possibilities range all over the grid, with not one being more reasonable than the other. From Rihanna and Kendall Jenner in the more recent media to Dennis Rodman and Nicole Richie repping the jewelry before it became big, the numbers are still growing. From the people who have given the piercings, they state that they don't hurt as badly as you think they would. Many people find the pain of a belly button piercing worse than piercing a nipple. With the nipple piercings, like any other trend, there are people who are going to associate something with negative things. Slut-shaming is very popular when it comes to women who have gotten their nipples pierced. You could be a virgin but still considered a slut for getting the piercing. But just like any other situation, you aren't going to be able to make everyone around you happy. Pierce 'em or don't, just live it the way you love it.

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