Sure, we all love Frasier -- the show is named after him after all. But, with his wit, quick jabs, tasteful use of irony and self-deprecating sense of humor, there's no doubt that Niles Crane is the comedic gem of the show. Here are a few times the undoubtedly witty psychiatrist proved he just well may be the funniest television character of all time.

1. When he made this quick response.

2. When he was ironically truthful.

3. EVERY time he exited the scene.

4. When he zinged Fraiser with this line.

5. When he attempted to regain control over his dinner party.

6. Pretty much every time he engaged with Roz.

7. When he was all of us when it comes to dating.

8. When he read this journal entry.

9. When he was a wee bit dramatic.

10. When he responded to Fraiser's assertion that he was being irrational.

11. Every time his infatuation with Daphne caused a predicament