This week, Nike released their "Dream Crazier" advertisement featuring powerful women in sports. These women athletes are from different sports backgrounds, from football stars to professional basketball coaches. Some of these athletes are known worldwide, while others are local women making a name for themselves in their hometowns. The video is narrated by one of the most iconic and legendary tennis players, Serena Williams.

This ad is so important for so many reasons, and it might just be one of the best things I have ever watched with my own two eyes.

First, women in sports are EVERYTHING.

I have always admired women in sports. I always see them as bada** and great role models. When I watched this ad for the first time and saw little girls playing football and a female basketball coach, my heart was full of pride.

Women in male-dominated professions and sports grab people's attention because it is something people are not used to seeing. It shows and reminds them that just because it's uncommon to see a woman in that profession, doesn't mean it's impossible.

Sports are generally still seen as a very popular topic and profession for men, which is definitely true. However, women also dominate in sports topics and professions. Chloe Kim, Serena Williams, and so many other amazing women athletes have broken records and been awarded so many winning titles.

These women should be acknowledged and praised just as much as male athletes.

The ad features many different clips of women athletes while Serena Williams narrates, discussing how women in sports are treated differently than men. Williams discusses many differences, but one of the topics she really stresses is being called "crazy."

Being called crazy is a very common casual word used to describe women. Whether it's in sports, relationships, projects, work settings, "crazy" is a common adjective. Why is it that when men are upset or may have an idea that seems bizarre, they are seen as passionate?

Why are women considered crazy, but men are passionate?

These are the types of videos and ads that inspire me. They remind me that anyone can do anything whenever they want. It's videos like these that remind people to think differently and to be open-minded, which I love and admire so much. They motivate me to prove others wrong in my everyday life. You don't have to be a world champion or gold medalist to defy the odds and achieve those "crazy" dreams.

I applaud companies like Nike who use their platform to not just make money but to say something that matters. On the company's YouTube channel, you can find so many amazing stories and ads of incredible people doing incredible things from all different backgrounds, sports, and journeys.

All of these stories are unique, but they all prove the same idea to be true: no matter who you are, where you come from, your gender, or race, if you work hard, you can do anything.

I think that's a good reminder for everyone and anyone.