9 Foods From Childhood Shows We All Wanted To Try

9 Weird Foods From Pop Culture We Wanted To Try As Kids

As weird as they were, they all still looked so good!


I may be biased, but I definitely think that children's TV shows and movies were WAY better when I was growing up.

As someone who grew up with movies and TV shows like "The Amanda Show" and "The Incredibles," it's clear that TV shows and movies today just don't compare. They had more creative plots, hilarious characters, and so much more.

One of the major things I remember from TV shows and movies growing up was the food! This might just be because I've always loved eating since I was able to chew, but there were some made up foods that I would have given anything to try. If I'm being honest, I still really want to try these foods.

That being said, here are a few of the childhood foods I distinctly remember and I really wanted to try:

1. Jimmy Neutron's perfect candy

Jimmy Neutron's perfect candy had everyone going crazy! From the kids to the adults, everyone was obsessed with it. The bright purple color also made it look super fun and inviting. I still to this day wonder what it tastes like.

2. Willy Wonka's three course chewing gum

Out of all the crazy inventions Willy Wonka had, this one was always my favorite. The idea of a full meal in one piece of chewing gum sounded so appealing to me. The best part of eating good food is obviously the taste, and with the gum, you get a whole meal without eating a thing. If you told me I'd turn purple if I chewed this gum, I wouldn't even give it a second thought.

3. Spaghetti tacos from "iCarly"

This one isn't actually that crazy, and if someone wanted, they could definitely make spaghetti tacos. However, the first time I saw this combination, I took a minute to think about it. My first thought was that I wanted to try it. Honestly, Spencer could have sold me anything - his creativity was what made me interested in spaghetti tacos in the first place. Before I leave this earth, it is on my bucket list to try a spaghetti taco.

4. Jimmy Neutron's book candy

A candy that makes you super smart?! Sign me up, please! I remember watching that episode when I was little and thinking, "This is such a brilliant idea! If this were real, I wouldn't have to study for spelling tests anymore." Now if I think about that candy, I think to myself, "This is such a brilliant idea! If this were real, I wouldn't have to study for Anthropology anymore." Childhood me and college me haven't really changed.

5. Remy's ratatouille

THIS LOOKS DELICIOUS AND NO ONE CAN DENY THAT. In the movie, the ratatouille tasted so good that Anton Ego was transported back to his childhood. That ratatouille has to be magical and I can only imagine where it would teleport me if I had the opportunity to taste it.

6. Hot chocolate from "The Polar Express"

"The Polar Express" will forever be one of my favorite holiday movies. The hot chocolate scene is iconic and features an extremely catchy song. The hot chocolate always looked so delicious to me. I'd assume the best hot chocolate would come from the magical train that takes children to the North Pole.

7. Gumbo and beignets from "The Princess and the Frog"

I'm convinced that anything that Tiana makes is Michelin Star worthy, but her gumbo and beignets seemed extra amazing. While watching the movie, it was almost like I could smell the beignets through the screen.

8. Blix from "Zoey 101"

I was obsessed with "Zoey 101" and I wanted to go to school there so badly. I wanted everything that school had, from the dorms to the jet-x scooter they got to ride. I also really wanted to try that Blix drink everyone would drink. I know this technically isn't a food, but it was definitely something everyone wished they could try. Gatorade? Never heard of her.

9. The Krabby Patty (and all its forms)

It was my childhood DREAM to try a Krabby Patty. Spongebob was my life, and therefore Krabby Patties were a part of my life. Everyone from the Seven Seas wanted to try a Krabby Patty. If an entire bus full of anchovies causes a scene over a sandwich, then I wanna try it too! Squidward ate a whole vault of Krabby Patties after he swore he hated Krabby Patties.

Oh and don't even start me on the different versions of the Krabby Patty. For example, the pretty patties that everyone loved until they caused their tongues to change colors. I always thought that would be pretty cool. And how could anyone forget the Krabby Patty with jellyfish jelly! Even though the idea of jelly on a burger isn't the most appealing thing, Spongebob made it sound like the best food in the entire world.

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I'm Begging You, If You're Going To Watch One TV Show, Please Watch 'One Tree Hill'

"What's more important? What we become or how we become it?" I'm not totally sure, but I attribute both to One Tree Hill.


Many people are shaped by something that happened to them. Perhaps they were shaped by their family, or the situation they grew up in. I can attest to many different situations and aspects of my life shaping me into the person I am today, however, I never thought I would say a TV show helped change my life and became part of what made me who I am today.

One Tree Hill, created by Mark Schwan, was a long-running series about two brothers who start out as rivals when the pauper-type brother joins the school's basketball team. Eventually, the brothers hash it out to become friends and this show follows them, and all of their friends, through their town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, while they endure heartbreak, loss, success, real-life problems, and ups & downs of all sorts.

A lot of people in the past have questioned my love for the show, saying my constant viewing and the fact that I have seen the lengthy nine-season show probably more than eleven times through is obsessive, however, I say it is therapeutic. Don't let the length of the series scare you, it is worth every minute.

At the end of season nine, which only has 13 episodes, you'll probably be sobbing that it's over and begging for more. The fact that the creative genius behind the scenes and the cast really created something special that made people want to watch for nine seasons is incredible. 2003-2012 was a magical time where One Tree Hill aired on TV and it was a time many of us wish we could get back.

I'm sure so many people would love to know why us "One Tree Hill" fans are just so connected to the show and the reason being is that the characters are the most relatable characters. They experience real-life events (with TV magic twists of course). One particular episode actually sticks out to me to this day.

Season four episode 13, "Pictures of You." This episode has the students come into class a few weeks shy of graduation when the teacher gives them an assignment: they can go anywhere they want throughout the school and take a picture of their partner (the teacher gave them digital cameras to use) that shows their true self. They had to pick their partners out of a classmate's hat and they all took incredible pictures of each other after a day of self reflection. Some of the pictures were definitely a little risqué for the modern high school, however, it gave us this iconic Brooke Davis moment that reminded us that "what's under the clothes" matters and that we shouldn't label people based on anything:

From this to school shooting awareness, conversations about losing a family member, strained/abusive familial relationships, narcotics and alcohol abuse, and having to grow up faster than a kid should, "One Tree Hill" hits all the marks on a relatable teen show. I fell in love with the show for this. I feel as if everyone should divulge into the greatness "One Tree Hill" has to offer because it is just so important to see the messages the series portrays. The show also has humor, action, romance, and so much more you just cannot ever get enough of. So, I highly recommend "One Tree Hill" as your next binge, rewatch, or just as your go-to, feel-good show.

"One Tree Hill" is no longer running on the CW Network and was taken off of Netflix (petition to put OTH back on Netflix anyone?), but thank goodness Hulu answered our prayers and added the spectacular series to their streaming service. I have to give my best friend, Meaghan, a shoutout for giving me her Hulu password the day "One Tree Hill" was added to Hulu.

So, if you've ever wanted to start "One Tree Hill," this is your sign. Get on Hulu, give it a go, and thank me later when you fall in love with Luke, Nathan, Brooke, Hayley, and Peyton.

And as always, Go Ravens!

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'Avengers Endgame' Has Left A Hole In My Heart

21 movies, 3000 minutes, lots of tears shed, so what happens now?


I have been waiting since 2008 for this finale, and it did not disappoint, considering I've seen it three times now. If you haven't seen "Avengers Endgame" yet, here is your warning for spoilers.


Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer www.youtube.com

We watched as almost everyone came back for a happy ending, yet we had to lose our Iron Man. The movie was full of fun tactics and a tad bit more cussing than usual, but overall gave us the satisfaction that was promised.

We were able to see Thor at his lowest, given he has lost a lot: all his family members, half his city, and he couldn't defeat Thanos. I am glad we were able to see "Thicc Thor," it gave us a chance to see how Thor is not this mighty god all the time, but a being who has his low moments as well.

We saw Iron Man and his chance to finally have a happy ending, even though it ended. I'm glad that we got to see Tony say, "I love you 3000" to his little girl and even get to have that talk with his father. Although I appreciate the Spider-Man and Iron Man reconnect, I feel it was only in the movie to satisfy those who have seen "Avengers Infinity War." I think at his time of death, Spider-Man shouldn't have been there but Mrs. Potts should've. The scene felt rushed and uneventful and I feel they should've given him a tad bit longer.

I do have to say I loved the girls protecting Spider-Man, while it was minimal I do appreciate the #GRLPWR that was demonstrated in the film. When all the girls came together to protect him, I was on the edge of my seat and felt my palms sweating. I can say, though, they probably should've had more of those moments.

I felt exceptionally sad when we lost our beloved Black Widow. I do say that it gave her a lot of character though. It gave her the chance to finally have a family and to fight for something she cared about. Most people will dismiss her death, but we should remember she was the one who never gave up.

I'm not sure what I will do now since this phase is ending, but I plan to spend a tad bit more time creating theories and rewatching influential scenes. Marvel has taught me a lot about family, love, character, and overall being a better person.

Now that "Avengers Endgame" is out, we can prepare for "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Buy your tickets now and enjoy the last of Phase 3 of MCU.

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer www.youtube.com

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