OH Fest: A Night With Kid Ink

Every year, Hartwick College and SUNY Oneonta collaborate to put on an incredible day filled with food trucks, games and live music. This phenomenal event is called OH Fest and this year we were thrilled to have Kid Ink as the headliner. I was fortunate enough to hang out and interview him after his energetic performance. Here are just a few highlights from the sit-down.

Lit, Lit, Lit

His favorite part about coming to perform in Oneonta? The crowd and its energy. He stated, "I always like doing festivals or fests 'cause they're so diverse and there's so many different people." Even though it was a clean show, he still thought he "made it really energetic and fun." He proclaimed that it was a "lit" show and gave the night a theme song titled "Too Lit." He said, "this was one of the more exciting shows that I had in the last week or two" and he was able to feed off of the crowd's energy. To describe it in five words? "It was a dope day."

Personal Side

Random fact of the day: He loves to cook and his favorite dish to cook would be lobster tail and shrimp. For him, "it's all about the patience."

He opened up about the birth of his daughter and how it has impacted his life, both professionally and personally. He said, "It's definitely something that's not easy to do. The actual parenting side isn't the hard part for me, but it's definitely the time side." He also said, "It's definitely one of those things that is still slowly changing me, so I don't know how well I am [at it]."

Since he was in Oneonta for the show, he missed his daughter getting her ears pierced. However, he didn't let it get him down and credited technology for allowing him to stay connected. He noted, "I'm lucky enough to have the technology today to have videos and still be able to face and see it in the moment."

Dreaming Big

When asked what he would consider his biggest accomplishment thus far, he had a hard time pinpointing just one. He said he sets "accomplishment goals" and that when he gets one, he wants the next big one. For example, he says "It always goes from having a hit single, it goes gold. After it goes gold you're like "oh, I need platinum." After it goes platinum, I need multi-platinum. After that, I need an award for it."

After Party

After the interview and pictures, I thought that was the last time I was going to see him. However, I was in for one heck of a surprise, as was most of my peers. Kid Ink decided that he wanted to check out more of the town and came through to two of Hartwick's fraternities. Yes, you read that right. Kid Ink stopped by the frat houses to have some fun. The brothers of the houses were lucky enough to take pictures and get some autographs. A few lucky partygoers were also able to score a selfie with the "Show Me" singer. (Fun fact: That song was one of his favorite collaborations to do, especially since he was actually in the studio with Chris Brown.)

All in all, it was one "lit" night that will surely leave a lasting impression on this town and everyone in it. Now, I think I'll go listen to some music. Wonder who's on my playlist? ;)

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