The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! It's a time for joy, peace, yummy food, and of course, presents. It's so much fun to receive gifts, but giving them is even more fun.

In fact, when you're a college student, the only thing that stands in the way of giving people the perfect gift is the fact that you most likely have no money to buy gifts for your family and friends.

It's an adventure of trying to save money while trying to give your friends and family the best presents ever. No one understands this struggle better than Nick Miller.

There's nobody more broke than Nick Miller, so thanks to his example, we're all in good company.

1. You have the perfect ideas of what gifts to give them!

You've got the greatest ideas on what to give your friends and family. They mean so much to you, and you can't wait to give it to them.

2. You check your bank account so that you can purchase the gifts.

All right here it is, the moment of truth. You haven't checked your account all semester, and now you're finally going to see just how broke you are. Here's hoping everything's all right...

3. You realize you're so broke you can't even buy one thing for your entire family.

Well, there it is. There's nothing you can do right now. In fact, the only thing you can probably do is try to save money for the next couple of weeks.

4. You try to be responsible and come up with a plan to spend all your money responsibly.

And now you have a plan! You'll be able to make a budget so that you can afford gifts for all your friends and family. Imagine all their happiness on Christmas morning!

5. You realize that's a terrible idea.

Never mind, that's too much responsibility. Who wants to sit down and take the time to make a budget? It's way too hard to keep track of all that money, and it's definitely not the way to go.

6. You decide that you can't go out at all in order to save even more money.

You decide that it's much easier to just not leave your apartment until Christmas Day. Think of all the money you could save by not going out to dinner, shopping, or going to the movies.

7. You actually find a really good sale at the mall!

And besides, there's always Black Friday. You can get so many good sales and maybe even buy something even nicer for your friends and family. This is going so well!

8. You realize that you probably haven't spent that much money.

It's time for a happy dance! You haven't gone out at all, and you've managed to snag some great deals along the way. This is going so much better than you thought.

9. You decide to spend just a little bit more money...

You've earned it! You can splurge on a little extra money on your family and friends, and you even have some left over for yourself.

10. And now you've spent it all.

As Nick Miller said, "Would I do it again? Probably." This is the time of year to spoil your friends and family and take advantage of every moment. And as far as saving money goes, there's always next year.