So you've bing-listened to Serial, This American Life and Raido Lab, you're a certifiable podcast addict. Now that you’ve experienced the basics, it’s time to find yourself a podcast fit for any aspect of your life. If you have an eccentric hobby or love for a topic that you seriously believe no one else loves too, there’s more than likely a podcast for it.

The Paranormal Podcast

Do you love talking about, thinking about and watching things about ghosts and the paranormal? Then the Paranormal Podcast is perfect for you. Jim Harold has spent the past few years building up great connections with people all over the world who are experts on all aspects of the paranormal. Don’t believe in it? Well give this podcast a listen and it might convert you. If you’re still not into the hauntings and Ouija boards, try Coast to Coast Radio, they feature things like aliens and dream predictions and hunting for the Loch Ness monster. Or you might try Mysterious Universe, which brings a critical thinking and scientific approach to the paranormal.

Save Jiu Jitsu

Host Rafael Lovato Jr. says Save Jiu Jitsu is dedicated to keeping Jiu Jitsu “grounded in what it was truly about, cultivating the warrior spirit.” For the Jiu Jitsu fanatic, this is perfect. They discuss things from rule changes to the “essence” of Jiu Jitsu to what blue belts are up to these days. If you’re not into walking to SPAC to run on a treadmill for two miles before quitting, getting involved in martial arts could be a great way to stay active! Not into Jiu Jitsu but like the idea of taking a class to stay fit? Well there are podcasts for things like yoga (Yoga Today) and boxing (Sneak Punch's Learn Boxing). And hey, Northwestern still offers free classes and clubs for both of these things, so there’s nothing holding you back from trying!

Never Not Knitting

Knitting is not just for old grandmas; there are plenty of young adults that indulge in the calming and productive hobby of knitting (which might be needed during midterms, am I right?). At Never Not Knitting, host Alana talks about the funny stories, great yarns, patterns and tips she’s come across in her knitting community. And if you’re into a little more spin on the whole knitting thing (and like bagpipes), follow Knitting Pipeline where host Paula combines her love of knitting and playing the bagpipes in an unconventional combination of topics. So you’re into crochet, they have a podcast for that too, because Yarn Craft covers all things to do with yarn, including crochet.

Start Cooking

Did you run off to school without learning how to cook, and now you live off campus with a stove and oven that you use to store spare shoes? Have no fear! You are not alone! Kathy Maister of Start Cooking posts one to three minute podcasts showing you the basics of cooking so you can actually get use out of your appliances. If you know the basics and are looking for an intermediate source, try Cooking with the Moms, or if you did P-Wild and want to reminisce on the lovely time you spent outdoors, listen to Cooking Everything Outdoors.

by Jackie Montalvo