The Super Bowl Gives Me Hope That Community Can Be Found Anywhere We Look For It
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The Super Bowl Gives Me Hope That Community Can Be Found Anywhere We Look For It

Football brings so much strife and competition, but why does it bring Americans together?

The Super Bowl Gives Me Hope That Community Can Be Found Anywhere We Look For It
Photo by Muyuan Ma on Unsplash

As I sit in my dining hall at Florida Gulf Coast University, I see many people watching the Super Bowl. I am doing work and watching the Super Bowl, even though I am not a huge football person. So why am I watching?

Maybe it is because everyone around me is, but then again that has never been my reason for doing anything! I do things because I want to, and this may sound bad, but it does not really matter to me who wins the Super Bowl tonight. As I look at the 7-3 score on this early game, it is impossible to be sure of where it may lead. I do not believe that this big important football game itself has such a legacy to Americans in particular because it's football. No, definitely not.

There is so much childish strife that arises from the Super Bowl, such a competitive spirit that it may seem to draw lines between people. However, I see the Super Bowl as something that brings people together through silly competition. This is the American principle at its core in a way though. Wanting your team to win over everyone else's, but at the end of the day the National Football League is for our nation, for America. Everyone has something to talk about on Super Bowl night. Regardless of whether you know the person in the booth across from you, there is always a topic of discussion and a discussion to be had on this one night a year. As silly as this may sound, the Super Bowl has much more symbolism, as does the NFL than we really do realize on a daily basis. So, on this night where people are drawn together through a completive nature, let's enjoy some family time and I will try to strike up a conversation with someone in the booth next to me (something totally out of my comfort zone)!

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