A Nextflix Must Watch List
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A Nextflix Must Watch List

Here are some movies and television shows that have to be added to your next binge watch session.

A Nextflix Must Watch List

After the completion of Stranger Things, I decided that I should make a list of my must watches on Netflix. Now, if you have a personality like mine, you will want to find shows that you can connect with or express some sort of meaning. A lot of my shows/movies below show a lot of real life events. Whether it be a documentary or a show that will touch into an idea and make a story around that idea.

I hope that from this list one of you will fall in love with my taste of what I love. That this will not only let you tap into my world of thinking, but will open your eyes to what can and does go on in the world around you.

1. Stranger Things

This one is a no brainer. I was late to the whole hype of Stranger Things because I am not one for the whole horror or jump scare shows/movies. This is what everyone was saying, so I avoided Season one until recently. Now I am almost done with Season 2 and I have so many unanswered questions. It's a show that for sure needs to be on your binge watch list.

2. Archer

Wanting to see a show about an international spy agency that, in their own way, solves crimes to their own drug dealing business and private investigators? Archer has all of that. This half hour animated show will leave you with some of the most gut clenching jokes you'll ever hear. Created by Adam Reed, we follow top international spy Sterling Archer, under his mother's agency, has his own odd yet creative way of slowing crimes.

I started this show over the summer and have finished all 7 seasons they have available to us. The humor, which can be offensive at times, is hilarious. I would almost describe the humor as it is in South Park. For an animated sitcom, the story line is written very well.

3. Once Upon A Time

One of my favorite shows; we follow Emma Swan, a orphaned child, now a bail bonds lady. One day a kid, Henry Mills, shows up claiming to be her kid and takes her on this whole fairytale saying that Snow White and Prince Charming are Emma's real parents and that everyone in the town of Storybrooke is a fairytale character. I won't spoil the rest due to the fact it is a confusing story to try to explain...along with spoilers, duh.

I fell in love with this show from the moment my friend showed me. The way Emma is portrayed, it's almost like me. For anyone who feels like they do not belong anywhere, an 'ugly ducking' sort of say, this show gives you hope. Shoot the first few seasons relies on holding out on hope. Currently there are 6 seasons on Netflix and season 7 on ABC Friday nights.

Also....who doesn't love some Killian Jones?

4. Newsies

This next pick is a movie/musical rather than a television show. Tony award winning musical, Newsies, follows the story of the new boy strike of New York 1899. Showing the struggles of life of diffrent kids throughout that era. How most were orphaned boys trying to make a living and some working to help get their family more money.

Now I have seen this live when it was on tour and the movie does the live performance justice. The lyrics are written to tell the story, not just to be their for the purpose of a musical. Historic musicals, such as Hamilton, seem to have a sort of style to it that no one can put down.

5. Sherlock

Now I never was one for the older movies, original stories, but once I saw this show, Sherlock is something that I refer to all the time. There's a kind of special ring that comes across. It's all modern day style of old Sherlock stories. There is not much to write on this one because this show needs to be watched to give it justice to how amazing it is.

6. 13 Reasons Why

When I heard that one of my favorite books was turning into a television show, I became so happy. I read this book back in my sophomore year in high school and it was one where I created a little movie in my head when I was reading it. Hearing it was going to be brought to life, I could not contain myself.

As much hate the show got for showing certain scenes and triggers, etc., it needed to be shown. As someone who struggles with depression, this was needed for people like Hannah. We [people with depression] do not have the guts to speak up and explain how we are feeling due to the fact of people judging. As horrific some scenes may be, it needs to be shown in all the rawness for people to understand what could happen with someone in that situation.

One major thing I liked is it showed how other characters were handling the death of Hannah rather than just Clay. In the book we just follow Clay and what Hannah says, we don't see what the backstory or what the others went through.

7. To the Bone

Now this is a movie that I came across on accident this summer. It follows a story of a girl who struggles with an eating disorder. We get to see the struggle of going through many diffrent specialists to help get her back to where she needs to be. Although she does not want to do it for most of the movie.

What is nice about this movie, we get to see others in the special care house she goes into. We get to see people who fight an eating disorder who are pregnant and how it also touches males along with females. That part I love because most stories, news articles, movies, television shows, etc., focus on how it touches only females.

8. The Crown

I swear this show was not picked just because of Matt Smith. I knew of it because of him, but I decided to watch it because I am a HUGE history nut. This show does has a lot of surprising things that happened in Queen Elizabeth's reign.

Following all the rules and that 'The Crown' has to it's name, you see the struggle of family versus The Crown. Struggles as Queen Elizabeth's sister wanting to marry a divorced man. This, to The Crown, was very much frowned upon. To the point, we see how the people under the Queen will manipulate her and her words to make her seem nasty and cold hearted.

It took a long while to finish because of the dark manner of the show. This made me not want to binge watch it in a week, but I promise this show is one you will want to see.

9. A Girl like Her

Another movie about depression and suicide. But this is formatted in a documentary type movie, not following real events but real themes. We follow the main character who is harassed and bullied. We cut between scenes of her committing suicide and the events that led up to it. Now I'm not going to spoil it completely, but, it does have an ending with justice.

10. Don't Call Me Crazy

This is a documentary following kids who are in a rehab center in England. This is a real eye opener because we see people with diffrent struggles fighting to get better. One girl, Beth, has an eating disorder and self harm. We see how much she struggles with getting better and how her head messes with her to get better.

We see a bunch of other kids who fight many other disorders such as OCD, Schizophrenia, hallucinations, etc. Just like 13 Reasons, this is a good show to show what kids can go through and that it is not all just 'in your head'. It shows that people do go through this stuff every day! That people have to live with this. It also shows people who have a disorder like this that there is hope for a better future.

11. Dance Academy

One of my favorite dance shows of all time, even though the ballet school is not in America. The show follows young farm town dancer, Tara Webster, in her struggles of auditioning and fitting in at a prestigious dance academy.

Now as a dancer, this is a show I can relate to in so many ways. The fighting to be the best, the drive that keeps pushing you to get better and better. Along with the aspect of trying to juggle a real life on top of it. Yes, the little thing we call life, like boys, family, death, having down time, and healing after an injury. Being a full time dancer is hard and will take a toll on you both mentally and physically. When I try to explain to my friends what I have to go through, a lot of the time I will send clips from the show to them.

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