Taking On a New Semester

It's just like the opening verse of Taylor Swift's "Fifteen". All you have to do is "take a deep breath and you walk through the doors". A new year, a clean slate, a new beginning. You may have the same major and same group of friends and even some of the same clothes, but it is all new. It is the start of a new semester, the start of a new year, a new dorm, and a whole new year filled with new opportunities. So here's a few tips to have a strong start to your "new" year:

1. Keep an open mind

Do NOT close yourself off to anything. Change can be scary, but if you keep an open mind and an open heart you'd be surprised what kinds of opportunities can come your way.

2. Trust yourself

It is so easy to see that low grade on your first test and get instantly discouraged and start to doubt yourself, but don't lose faith. You got this!

3.Be YOU

As we get older we grow and evolve, but it's important that we don't compromise what its important to us in order to achieve. Change whatever you want, but don't be afraid to be you because you're beaYOUtiful. In the wise words of Lee Brice, "be a good friend and tell the truth and overuse I love you."

4. Change it up

Change can be scary to some and can often seem intimidating, but sometimes its just what you need to find some motivation or even your passion. So try that new hairstyle, hobby, or class and see where it takes you! Make some change to be the change.

5. Have a little fun

Sometimes we can get caught up in what feels like never-ending piles of work and responsibilities, but we all need a break to have fun. You're going to go crazy sitting in a classroom or at a desk for hours on end, so get out there and enjoy yourself or Im gonna make you!

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