New York Notes II
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New York Notes II

Notes About A Coffee Shop in West Village, New York

New York Notes II

Notes on New York II

This article is an assignment I did to become more in tune with the streets of New York. This list is everything I noticed as I was sitting inside a West Village Cafe. This assignment was based off French writer, George Perec's book, Attempt to Exhaust.

Think Coffee, 7 April 2018, 8:38pm-9:22pm, Attempt to Exhaust a Place in New York

White dude with bag walking fast

2 yellow cabs almost pass each other

Hispanic guy riding bike with red box in front while texting on cell phone

Male and woman walking, another woman walks briskly pass them

Silver car out rides blue car in the street lanes

Guy with delivering bag rides walks with head down

Peacoat white male and woman looks mad, talks while waving her cellphone

2 white girls walk with limp while on cellphone

Lady walks faster while on phone

Bike rides by

Black car drives by with dry cleaning inside

Lady walks by looking sad

Old guy limps by wearing blue coat in dazed demeanor

Male and woman walks by, she looks at him smiling both wearing black

Cab rides by

Cab surpasses another cab

Black guy walks by wearing gray wrinkled parka

Dark blue truck turns

Cab drives by

Blue car drives by

Short dude on bike rides by

Male (wearing peacoat) and woman walk across street, he puts his arm around her, her right lower pocket blows up a little

Lesbian couple walks by

Black Suburban rides down the street

White woman attempts to walk past the cafe by shops as she glances at Shoegasm right next to where I'm sitting drinking hot cider

White guy walks with umbrella almost hitting the floor

Car horn blows every 10 seconds

Two silver vehicles( not cars) drive together down the street

White guy decides to walk by

Male and woman walks down with the a purse like briefcase handle, strap almost hitting the floor, about 6 inches from touching the sidewalk, looks inside the window

2 Males walky by talking and looks down

2 females walk looking down

Male and woman walks by

KM Service Co Taxi stops to wait for other car to go

Guy with gray hat short jeans walks by across the street while eating something in a white little bag

Guy on motorcycle rides by

Cars goes fast : yellow, black, gray

Gray truck stops has left signal on yellow light

Light changes to yellow

2 yellow cabs drives by

Black guy with has across the street to get people's attention

Empty MTA metro bus drives by

White guy with white earphones walks by with beige coat walks by

Guy with bag walks by with white fitness pants

Black lady with peach colored peacoat does into Starbucks across the street

2 guys one with black coat, other with beige trench coat talk with each other as they glance into the window am looking out in

Yellow cabs stop to let two people inside, male and female (short cut hair, white)

White lady with gray headphones walks briskly pass

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