20 New Years Resolutions Most College Students Will Make But Not Follow Through On

20 New Years Resolutions Most College Students Will Make But Not Follow Through On

It's up to you to make them happen.

Almost everyone makes yearly resolutions on New Years about the things they will do better or be better at next year. Making a New Years resolutions can also help you focus on smaller things you want to make better about yourself. Having too many resolutions can be quite unrealistic and stressful. Here are some resolutions college students will make, but probably not follow through on:

1. Not skipping any classes

2. Reading all of the books for a class

3. Getting all papers done way in advance

4. Not pulling all-nighters

5.Participating in all their classes

6. Completing an 8 am class

7. Dressing in anything other than sweatpants

8. Getting to class early

9. Spend less money on food

10.Getting 8 hours of sleep a night

11. Being prepared for class

12. Not being late for class

13. Sitting in the front row

14. Participating in campus activities

15. Making it to the gym everyday

16. Not procrastinating

17. Studying for all your exams

18. Meeting with all your professors

19. Using a planner

20. Completing all practice homework

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Why Nick Miller Meeting Tran Is Influential In Your Job Search

Tran will lead you to your dream career.

Season 2. Episode 7.

This is the episode when Schmidt messes with Cece and Robby, Jess has a mental breakdown which she attributes to PMS while unsuccessfully looking for a job, and Winston latches on to Jess' emotional rollercoaster. Meanwhile, Nick does some introspection, learns peace, and has his life changed by a mysterious, silent stranger on a park bench. This is the episode when Nick meets Tran.

Tran, a man of little words but monumental influence, somehow teaches Nick to let go of his inhibitions and to stop holding himself back from happiness by being the best listener in the entire "New Girl" universe.

Though his methods are odd, he gets his point across. Nick passes this lesson along to Jess in hopes of snapping her out of her funk. After unsuccessfully interviewing for a few jobs, her attitude and overall bubbly spirit had been replaced with feelings of sadness and defeat and lots and lots of tears.

Jess had been misattributing her negative emotions to PMS, but Nick knew she needed to acknowledge the actual root of the problem in order to get over it. He puts on his most serious Nick Miller face and friendly but firmly tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself, to realize how capable she is, and to go convince the next person she interviews with of that.


Do not let up. Do not get discouraged. Do not quit. Persistence is key in your job search. The more jobs you apply for, the more opportunities you give yourself to succeed. By shutting down you limit yourself. Who knows— maybe even in you don't get Job A, you'll meet someone in the process that will introduce you to Job B.

Do not look at your rejects as uncontrollable failures or blame the fact that you didn't get the job on irrelevant things. Rather, realize that you didn't get the job for a reason. Maybe you didn't prepare enough for the interview and that's something you need to challenge yourself to work on. Maybe the job just wasn't a good fit for you and now, knowing that's not what you need, you can focus your search a bit more.

Most importantly, do not stop believing in your ability to succeed. You need to believe in yourself. The people who are interviewing you don't know you and, therefore, don't have any reason to believe in you. You need to convince them that you can do the job and that starts with believing it yourself.

So yeah... thank Tran when you finally get that job after a grueling job search. Because if Nick didn't meet Tran in the park, Tran wouldn't have whirled Nick around like a baby in a pool. And if Tran didn't whirl Nick around like a baby in a pool, Nick wouldn't have tried to help Jess using the same ~innovative~ technique and wouldn't have shared the important lessons he learned from the one, the only.... TRAN.

Cover Image Credit: Odyssey

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7 Moments All Undecided Majors Can Relate To

Am I right ladies and gentlemen?

It’s been almost a full year of being an undecided major – aka the stressing out about finding one even though everything seems to be doing great or not so great and you don’t know what you are doing with your life ah major.

But I have found that there are some things all Undecided Majors can relate to…

1. The stress that comes with, “So, what’s your major?”

And the awkward answer that follows after it of “ummm, I am actually undecided still.”

2. The even more anxious question of, “Oh okay, so what are you interested in?”

And then you list off the ten to twenty-five different majors you have picked out in your mind that you’ve been looking over for the past couple of weeks.

3. Putting in all of the what-if scenarios of what your major could possibly be…

And freaking out because there are TOO MANY OPTIONS.

4. Telling your friends and family a different major everyday just to see how it feels.

“Major? Oh, psychology.” “Wait no, cinema and production.” “Hold on, just kidding. I am going to be business administration.”

5. Spending one night making lists of the possible majors and minors you might be interested in taking.

And then looking back at in the morning wondering why you were suddenly interested in THAT major?

6. Introducing yourself as the only Undecided major in the class.

Well this is embarrassing.

7. But then that sweet moment of finding another person who is also Undecided and bonding over it.

Yay! Friendship! Let’s stress out together!

Cover Image Credit: Kathryn McSherry

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