It's that time of the year again when the calendar has flipped forward to the first day of January and everyone's off to a new start. A new year may be an ambitious beginning for some, an anxious attempt for another, or a thankful opportunity for others. For me, a new year is an exciting but at the same time, a nerve-racking beginning, and to ease my transition into the new year I make new year's resolutions. So here it is, my yet-to-be-discovered resolutions, told by the all-time favorite rom-com icon, Bridget Jones.

1. Stay organized for the entire year. In another words--get my life under control.

I guess I should get a planner to write my new resolutions like Bridget does.

2. Successfully lose weight and get that bikini beach body.

No giving up this time! But three days in, I still end up eating Ben and Jerry's.

3.Make use of all the clothes piled up in my wardrobe instead of wearing pajamas all day.

New year, new clothes!

4. Don't fall into the trap trying everything that looks good in movies. In real life, nothing is close to that greatness, especially open cars.

5. Don't under dress or over dress for formal parties.

6. Quit singing dramatically alone at home.

Especially with a hairdryer in one hand and a hairbrush in another.

7. Never straighten my hair with an iron.

Where do I even begin...

8. Hopefully, be as lucky as Bridget and find a perfect guy who will like me just the way I am.

Relationship goals or no?

9. Stick to my New Year's resolutions.

With Bridget Jones help, we'll all breeze through the year as perfectly and as she did!