With New Year's Eve already past most of us had plans with friends or family to ring in the New Year. For a lot of people, this includes a big party with tons of people. The stereotypical New Year's party is a bunch of friends coming together to watch the ball drop in New York and not complete without food, drink, and friends.There are many ways to describe the stereotypical New Year's Eve party seen on TV and in the movies. Here's how it's done according to Game of Thrones:

When you first arrive at the party and see all your friends.

When your best friend gets there.

When you see that one person you hate but have to talk to anyway.

...And no one really knows who invited her anyway.

When someone bumps into you by accident but you're convinced they pushed you.

When one of your friends has had too much and needs to go to bed.

...But they promise you they're going to rally.

So you stay with them until they're good.

When you notice someone is trying to leave early.

When you're starting to fall asleep but you have to make it to midnight.

...If your friends don't wake you up if you do fall asleep somehow.

When the ball drops and you realize you have no New Year's kiss.

When something bad happens but it's after midnight.

When it's 4 a.m. but you're still trying to keep the party going by yourself.

...And you're the last one still awake.

Happy New Year, folks.