There is so much pressure that comes with New Year's Eve each year. It almost seems it is mandatory to show how much fun you're having on social media. One way to take some of the pressure out of having the perfect social media presence is through using this list of New Year's Eve captions. Posting the perfect photo with the perfect caption is the best way to show the world and your followers that this is your year. Even if you had a little too much fun, an awesome Instagram post can help to make the night look a little more polished.

1.That's sooo last year

This is kind of a dad joke, but dad jokes can be funny too. This is basically a less used version of saying "I haven't seen you since last year"!

2. Save water, drink champagne

Drinking champagne is also a mandatory part of NYE.

3. There's gonna be a few changes around here

It's a new year which means there is no more room for old bs.

4. This is my year to sparkle!

2019 is my time to shine!

5. I remember 2018 like it was yesterday

More dad jokes... This caption is great for a post that goes up a day or two late.

6. This is the year to make better bad decisions

Lets be real, we aren't gonna get rid of all of our bad habits in one day. It's all about making bad decisions that are better for us.

7. Let the adventure begin

2019 is going to be a real trip, show everyone you're ready to take it on!

8. Pop, fizz, clink

Going for a classier Instagram aesthetic? This Kate Spade inspired quote should do the trick.

9. A little party never killed nobody

Fergie is such a NYE mood, and so is this caption.

10. New Year, New Meh

Maybe you aren't as thrilled about this new year as you'd like to be. Meh.

11. A fresh start never hurt anyone

Time to turn over a new leaf. Even if 2018 was great, 2019 is gonna be better.

12. Bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne

This is how I'm tryina be in 2019. All sunshine and rainbows all the time.

13.  New year, same me. I'm already fabulous

I don't have a resolution because I'm already perfect.

14. A lot can happen in a year

365 days of bad decisions, I wonder what could happen.

15. That was fun while it lasted

Bye, bye 2018. It's been real.

16. Bring on the bubbly! 

Best way to start the new year? With a champagne buzz.

17. Still looking for my Troy

Apparently singing karaoke on a cruise is the best way to spend NYE.

18. Making pour decisions

Alcohol = bad decisions, but what else is new.

19. Sip, sip hooray!

Woo hoo! Made it through another year in one piece.