Happy Twenty-Twenty Too????
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Happy Twenty-Twenty Too????

Bring it on!

Happy Twenty-Twenty Too????

My 2021 year in review has me wondering, what happened to the year and why do I feel like I’ve been living in a fog for way too long? I saw a meme on social media the other day that caught me off guard. It said, “I just realized that the year 2022 is in other words, twenty-twenty too.” Can we be heading back into a hole that repeats itself?

This year started with a political insurrection that most of us watched in horror. The state of these United States had its core establishment vandalized. It still scares me to think there are people in this country that believe they are entitled to break and enter a government building, yet would shoot and kill a person for protesting on the street for their rights? Humanity in the year 2021 took a big dump on democracy and seems the diarrhea will continue for at least another presidential election.

We were able to turn on our televisions, computers, and phones without being bombarded with political advertisements that pulled at our fear, anger, and frustration for most of the year. There were a few reboots; on Showtime, “Dexter” and on HBO/MAX, “And Just Like That,” a continuation of “Sex in The City.” Of course, there were documentaries about “Q-Anon”, and exceptional series on the opioid pandemic. It was a year of watching shows more than usual and I plan on getting back to the routine of limiting myself in the coming year.

On the brighter side, the country got a vaccine, and many got vaccinated, but there are still the ones that think it’s a right and not a responsibility to get a shot in the arm are holding out until their last breath leaves their bodies and they cry out to the nurse, “Can I have the vaccine now?” They are okay with leaving a trail of illness in every social gathering they attend. It isn’t enough that a lot of people lost their sole providers, their best friends, their loved ones, they like to stand on street corners with their small children holding signs and scream at cars that they have a choice.

To be honest I did take a trip or two out of my apartment this past year. Thank goodness for friends that were brave enough too. I enjoyed a lovely visit to Long Island, where we found a few places we could tour and shop without too much stress. The weather was wonderful in June and I walked along the beach soaking up a little bit of the independence I yearn for. But of course, we came home only to learn a new variant arrived at our doorsteps and it was not until October that we took another adventure, this time to Chicago. Yes, it was chilly for this Florida girl, but what a beautiful city. I could not have asked for a better time and place to spread my wings and break free for a short time.

This new year will start with an adventure in my backyard, as my very dear friend will break free of the winter tundra of the north and we will find fun and fresh air on the east coast of Florida. Two years ago, we planned to be in Washington DC for the cherry blossom festival, this might be the year we get there. Fingers crossed, my bag is packed and ready to hit the road no matter what cooties are out there.

Finally, I took to the dating sights hoping to find a person that would give me a little TLC. I found myself willing to lower my standards a bit to feel the gentle touch of a man in my arms. It did not take too long to learn that Covid did not kill off the creeps and losers lurking in the corners. It’s a learning experience from beginning to end. It won’t get me down or discourage me from moving towards a relationship that will fulfill my journey. I have a friend that keeps telling me, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.”

Here’s to 2021. May you rest in peace. Bring it on 2022! I am not afraid of you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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