New Music To Listen To In the New Year
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New Music To Listen To In the New Year

New year, new music!

New Music To Listen To In the New Year
Haley Walker

I think we're all ready for 2021, because it can't possibly get worse than 2020, right?? Well, to start the new year off the right way, here's a list of some artists, albums, and individual songs to listen to in 2021!


This indie rock band from Australia is great for anyone else like me who likes indie music. They've got a few songs that lean more towards psychedelic rock, like Giant Tortoise, and Man It Feels Like Space Again, and some more indie songs like Paint Me Silver, and Sweep Me Off My Feet.

Pasta by New Rules

Pasta is a song that artfully talks about how society has pressured girls into changing their habits or behaviors, specifically with food, to look good. It's done from a boyfriend's perspective, which is unusual for the topic but I LOVE it!

Dress by Charlotte Sands

Dress, a song about Harry Styles' Vogue cover that received criticism for not being masculine enough, and some called to "bring back manly men." Well, this song is a clap back to the idea that men look bad wearing or doing things that have been traditionally female

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart Album by the Bee Gees

Yes, I know the Bee Gees are a group from the 70s, but they do NOT get enough appreciation! The documentary How Can You Mend A Broken Heart was released at the beginning of December, which recounts the Gibb brothers' rise (and fall) to fame. This album of songs highlighted in the film has their best hits from their entire discography, so go check out the movie, and the music!

Pancakes for Dinner by Lizzy McAlpine

You ever love someone but you're too afraid to tell them? Well have I got a song for you! Pancakes for Dinner is about a girl who wants to tell the person they like how they truly feel, but they're too afraid, so they're writing a song to tell them just in case they never get the chance. It's a beautiful acoustic song, and Lizzy McAlpine has the voice of an angel!

Jeremy Zucker

I'm sure you've probably heard of Jeremy Zucker, and if you don't know his name, you'll definitely recognize at least one of his hit songs, like comethru (feat. Bea Miller), all the kids are depressed, you were good to me, or always i'll care! Another star on the rise, so keep a look out for him and his new releases!

Two Straws by Also Joe

Two Straws, by the artist Also Joe, is about two people who "mix just like a mixtape" and, like the title says, "go together like two straws in a milkshake!"

MacKenzie Bourg

MacKenzie Bourg is a new solo artist with a STUNNING voice. He was actually on American Idol, AND on the Voice! He is clearly amazingly talented, and does not get enough credit for his skills. Some of my favorite songs of his are Big, Lost & Found, and Little Moon!

McLean's Baby Boy by Neighbor Susan

If you ever wanted a song to vibe to, McLean's Baby Boy is the song for you. The title is strange sounding, and doesn't really have anything to do with the song, (which you'll find is a trend for a lot of good indie music), but the harmonizing and sound layering on this song is TO DIE FOR!


COIN is one of my all-time favorite indie bands, and I will live and die by their music! After seeing them live at Penn State, (pre-COVID of course), I can personally attest to the fact that they're just as good live as they are in their recordings! I'd recommend a couple songs but I can't just pick a few, you can't go wrong with any of them!

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