At the risk of sounding overly repetitive when it comes to New Years resolutions and outdated mantras, I am a firm believer in the reset button. A chance to switch up my routine and reassess my goals in life is always something to look forward to. This year, one of my main goals is to stop complicated things and "just do". No, this article is not sponsored by Nike, but maybe the multi-million dollar company was onto something here!

We are a generation of excuses ! It's time to stop the cycle and take ownership of our choices because the only one in control of your life; of your dreams and aspirations is YOU. You want to loose weight? Go to the gym. Not for a day or a week like most of us 'bandwagon, New year, new me assholes, but because you deserve to take better care of yourself. You want to take off and explore the world? Now is your time to start planning! Book those flights and treat yo self to some long overdue TLC. Old relationships that need rekindling? What better way to kickstart the new year than by being honest with yourself and chasing after what you want.

This is your time! Don't hold back for anyone because in the end you'll be left to face the " what if's " in life and by then, you'll be like Billy. 5 cats deep, sleeping on the futon at mom's house...don't be like Billy.

My advice to you? Buy a journal. For my guys reading this, don't think that journaling in a female thing and all entries start off with a " Dear Diary" as its heading. Journaling is one of the most therapeutic, inspirational, confidence busting things you can do in this life. So buy a journal and write down your dreams. Write a list of the things you want to accomplish. It doesn't have to be long term because short term goals exist too! Be honest with yourself and how realistic you are when making these lists and as you amaze yourself and complete each task, cross it off the list. The more scribbles you see on that very page, the more motivated you will become.

New year, new me stems from the idea that you can be and accomplish anything in this life no matter who you are or where you come from. Somewhere along the lines, we've lost sight of just how amazing we can be and turn it into something the annoying guy at the party won't shut up about. Well, I'm here to tell you otherwise! Look out 2017 because here YOU come

Keep the vibes