A New Year and Shockingly the Exact Same Me
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A New Year and Shockingly the Exact Same Me

It is never too late to start a new resolution!

A New Year and Shockingly the Exact Same Me

Jumping into a black hole, hoping there is ground on the other side!

Maybe there will be oxygen.....





A desire to find these keys of a lifetime. We continue to search without a resolve. How may times shall disappointment change us?

Yes, society hurts us, we all know the constant pain. Piercing and long, it's like ripping a band-aid with no end. Disappointment, being our friend in the path of comparison, as social beings. Yet we cherish its value. This relationship scientist wish to understand, however, it is not one represented by equations or numbers.

There is no constant variable now, nor there will be one in the future. We can only watch variables that change with admiration. It is a principle, not a quantity.

A new form of numbers that shall never be defined...only undefined.

As a ray of light,

Or a strand of hope,

this string of conscious,

cries as a faint sound of success.

It's all we shall ever know.

As a rolling tide, stronger than any Tsunami.

In spite of the power, even this force eventually subsides. Just as the clouds in our sky, forever passing. Just as the good time's rage on and the bad moments come to the past, we begin a new.

Reviewing ourselves as constant lab experiments, we treat ourselves with such disrespect. It is as if we search for meaning, hoping we never find one. Even so, we reach a tipping point, breaking this reflection, making every day, January 1st.

It is here in time you find those who smile a little brighter and laugh a little harder, Always able to find the milk and the honey in these moments. Seeing our breath as air, they simply walk on water, forever like a weightless boxer. They float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, without effort.

How Ali would be proud, seeing the brightest tomorrow from a shining today. These are the people who look to their new year's resolution's with envy, knowing every day they can start a new goal. Every day is New Year's day, all it takes is one breath.

Their habits instilled and their mind not to waiver. Seeing themselves as a constant manifestation of growth. A flower that forever blooms or a tiger who won't stop growing. Their genius shall carry them over others.

Such a genius allows them to look past every social construct. Their goals, always possible. So as 2017begins, remember, it is never too late to begin a new.

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